Georgetown is the capital city of Guyana in South America.  Things to do in Georgetown Guyana;

  • Nightlife in Georgetown Guyana
  • St. George’s Anglican Cathedral
  • Queen Victoria Monument
  • Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology
  • Castellani House
  • The Georgetown Lighthouse
  • Day trip to Kaieteur Falls
  • Day trip to El Dorado rum factory

Hotels in Georgetown Guyana

Georgetown has a limited choice of hotels, read the reviews and check the surrounding area before booking.  The hotel I stayed in and recommend is Tower suites, unfortunately this is not on  They organised my tours to Kaieteur Falls, El Dorado rum factory and also my taxi to Brazil border all for good value prices.

Guyana Nightlife

Things to do in Georgetown Guyana - Guyana Nightlife

The most popular disco in town is attached to Tower Suites hotel.  As a result if you stay there it makes it easy and safe to enjoy the Georgetown nightlife.  The drink of choice in Guyana is a rum and ginger ale.  Furthermore, once your night is over, all you need to do is go upstairs to your hotel room.

St. George’s Anglican Cathedral

Things to do in Georgetown Guyana - St. George's Cathedral

St George’s cathedral is one of the tallest wooden cathedrals in the world.  For this reason alone, it’s definitely worth a visit.  Furthermore it’s over 100 years old and considered a national monument of Georgetown Guyana.

Things to do in Georgetown Guyana

Things to do in Georgetown Guyana - Queen Victoria Monument

As well as the huge wooden cathedral there are several other noteworthy landmarks in Georgetown.  These landmarks include, The Georgetown Lighthouse, Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology as well as the Castellani House.  Additionally, another stunning building in Georgetown is the Supreme Court.  In front of this building is a statue of Queen Victoria.  It’s an example of the turbulent past with its former colonizer, Great Britain.  As a result of previous tensions, the statue has been damaged and is missing an arm and her nose.  It’s even been covered in red paint, nevertheless the Queen Victoria monument still stands today.

Day Trip to Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Kaieteur falls are the largest single drop waterfalls in the world.  This fact alone is enough to warrant a visit but what really made these waterfalls special is something else.  When you visit the falls it will be you and up to 7 more tourists which come on the plane from Georgetown.  As a result, you can enjoy the waterfalls by yourself at some points.  Furthermore, as you fly to the waterfalls, the pilot will circle them for some aerial photography opportunities.  For this reason, I prefer these falls to Angel Falls as well as Iguazu Falls.

Golden Frogs

Things to do in Georgetown Guyana - Golden Frog

When you visit Kaieteur Falls you must be on the lookout for golden frogs.  These are in fact called, Anomaloglossus beebei but golden frog is much easier to remember.  Furthermore, these frogs are tiny, about the size of a peanut M&M.  As a result you may need the assistance of your guide to find them.

Day trip to El Dorado Rum Factory in Georgetown Guyana

Things to do in Georgetown Guyana, El Dorado Rum distillery

A visit to a rum distillery is always a worthwhile experience.  They teach you a lot about how rum is made, as well as the differences between the rum they make and the aging process in particular.  An interesting fact about the El Dorado rum distillery is that they use the original rum making methods.  Furthermore some of their wooden equipment is antique therefore it’s impossible to recreate their rum.  After you finish the distillery tour, you’re offered a little rum tasting.  The 15 years is the oldest rum they will let you sample although they’ll show you some more vintage rums.

Georgetown to Lethem

Minivan from Georgetown to Lethem, $12,000, 14 hoursMinivan from Georgetown to Lethem, $12,000, 14 hours

There is no official land border between Venezuela and Guyana so I had to travel all the way down through Guyana to Brazil.  Then from Brazil I could cross into Venezuela.  The road from Georgetown to the border town of Lethem is not paved and very dirty/dusty.  It is a 14 hour overnight journey with a 3-4 hour wait for the ferry or whatever that thing is pictured above!  The cost is 12,000 Guyanese dollars.

Lethem to Boa Vista

Share taxi from Bonfim to Boavista, 1 hour, 50 ReaisShare taxi from Bonfim to Boavista, 1 hour, 50 Reais

The border crossing from Guyana to Brazil was easy, the only people there were the people from the minivan, it was quick to stamp out of Guyana and into Brazil.  Once you cross from Lethem into Bonfim, Brazil, there are share taxis to Boavista which leave straight away and take an hour.

Boa Vista to Venezuela Border

Share taxi from Boavista to Venezuela border, 2 hours, 25 ReaisShare taxi from Boavista to Venezuela border, 2 hours, 25 Reais

In Boavista I again found a share taxi which was leaving straight away, this was half the price of the last taxi and the journey was twice as far.  This taxi took me to the border with Venezuela for 25 reais which was a 2 hour journey.

Brazil / Venezuela border to Ciudad Bolivar