Modern travel is almost unrecognizable from the era of the 1970s, 80s, and even 90s.  One primary reason why travel has changed, especially for international visitors, is the usage of smartphones.  Today, we’re able to use cutting-edge technology to do things like research top restaurants, plan out a bus route, and even book a train ticket.

But that doesn’t mean that all travelers know how to use their mobile device to its fullest extent.  After all, whether you stick with Android devices or prefer an iPhone, there are unique features, use cases, and new apps to keep in mind.  If you’re heading on a trip anytime soon and want to figure out how to get the most out of your smartphone, then keep reading.

We’ve got a few suggestions for you that are based on entertainment, relaxation, and safety.

Tip #1: Games Help You Get By

Travel involves quite a bit of waiting—and the total wait time might be unknown or subject to sudden change.  One of the easiest ways to stay afloat on a trip is to have a few mobile games downloaded to fall back on.  Usually, travelers stick to their favorite titles, as these help them feel a bit more comfortable as they explore a new place.

For example, if you usually play roulette via an online platform, you can download the casino’s mobile counterpart.  This will let you spin the wheel with a virtual croupier while you wait for a train to leave the station or to pick up a visa.  Some apps might even include features like live dealers and different variations like American versus European roulette.  Don’t be afraid to explore something new.

Tip #2: Your Personal PA

Paperwork can easily add up on a trip. Between travel tickets, lodging vouchers, delays, restaurant reservations, and other scheduled activities, it might feel like work to keep everything in order.  But, unsurprisingly, there are now apps that help you organize all of your travel documents.

Similarly, you should always select ‘ask for updates’ (or alerts) when booking or reserving an experience.  By choosing to receive push notifications, you can stay up to date with any changes.

Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone on the Road

Tip #3: AR Tours & Experiences

Depending on what type of smartphone you have, you may be able to take advantage of AR-based tours and experiences.  AR stands for Augmented Reality, which most people have heard of from games like Pokémon GO.  In case you haven’t interacted with AR yet, it combines digital feedback with a user’s live environment.

Many cities now offer AR-based tours and experiences.  These allow travelers to explore their destination using only their smartphone and an AR platform, which allows them to experience history and culture in a brand-new way.  This is also a good idea to keep in mind in case you run out of time for a museum visit, as many locations also offer virtual tours.

Tip #4: Consider Buying a Local Sim Card

If you’re worried about cell connection, then you have a few options—and it’s best not to skimp here, as a smartphone isn’t very useful without an internet connection.  First, you can choose to buy a local sim card.  This is usually more accessible and affordable than other options.

However, depending on your current cell plan, you might be able to add international minutes or a temporary international plan.  Regardless of which option is easier for you, it’s important to consider how often you’ll actually rely on your smartphone, whether looking for directions to a landmark or even for when you need a bit of help translating with a local.

Tip #5: Keep an Eye on Your Health

Many people rely on their smartphones to help them track their bodies and health.  For example, sleeping apps are quite common, allowing users to track how many hours they slept and how many times they woke up.  While it might seem like a mundane thing to bring on a trip abroad, keeping track of your health is incredibly important.

By using bio-feedback apps, travelers can do things like monitor stress, track their sleeping and breathing, take their own temperatures, and even soothe any anxiety by waking up with a guided meditation.  In other words, don’t forget that your smartphone can help boost your physical wellness.