There are 2 main ways of traveling from Grand Bassam to Accra in Ghana.  The first method is to go back to Abidjan and take a direct bus from there.  Alternatively, you can travel via Aboisso and the Ghana border.  I share how to travel from Grand Bassam to Accra via Aboisso and the Ghana border.

Stage 1 – Grand Bassam to Aboisso

Grand Bassam to Aboisso - shared minivan

The first part of your trip from Grand Bassam to Accra is a shared minivan ride to Aboisso.  This is a popular route so there will be very little waiting time for the minivan to fill up.  Even more so if you’re leaving early morning.  Journey time is around 90 minutes.  Minivans leave regularly from the main highway outside Bassam.  However, you can get a free shared minivan to the main highway from the traffic circle in Bassam.  Simply tell the drivers you’re heading to Aboisso and they’ll put you on a minivan.  Just don’t forget to get off at the highway or you’ll end up in Abidjan.

Stage 2 – Aboisso to the Ghana / Ivory Coast Border

Aboisso to the Ghana / Ivory Coast Border

The Aboisso minivan will take you all the way to Gare de Aboisso.  You could describe this bus station as lots of minivans and cars surrounded by sheds.  The good news is minivans to the Ghana border fill up quickly and leave from the same place you’re dropped off.  What’s more, there are a few shops if you need to stock up on snacks and water.  Finally, the journey to the Ghana / Ivory Coast border should take less than an hour.

Stage 3 – Crossing the Ivory Coast / Ghana Border

Ghana Visa in Monrovia Liberia

You must have a visa in advance to enter Ghana.  Don’t go all the way to the border if you don’t already have a valid Ghana visa.  The Ghana visa is one of the most difficult to get in West Africa.  However, it’s possible to get a visa in Abidjan.  Read how I got my Ghana visa for $70 in 24 hours in Monrovia, Liberia.  The shared minivan will drop you here and then you can walk to the border.  Get your Ivory Coast exit stamp before crossing the bridge and entering Ghana.

Stage 4 – Ghana / Ivory Coast Border to Accra

Ghana / Ivory Coast Border to Accra

Firstly, the shared minivans to Accra leave from just over the border in this bus station.  In addition, if your final destination is Takoradi or Cape Coast you must also pay the full fare to Accra and board the Accra minivan.  I had a 2 hour wait for this minivan but there are good enough toilets and plenty of places to eat near the bus station.

Enjoy your Journey from Grand Bassam to Accra

shared minivan in Ivory Coast

Enjoy your trip from Grand Bassam to Accra by land.  Most importantly, be patient as anything can happen.  You may have a long wait, your vehicle may break down or there could be a huge traffic jam.  Being prepared for anything and accepting you’re not a a quick ride is the best way to enjoy this journey.  Lastly, every shared minivan is different so you could end up traveling in an Instagram worthy vehicle like the one pictured above.

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