The main draw for visiting Greece is perhaps to see the Acropolis.  This was the case for me and I was rewarded with a wonderful sunset photograph of this wonder of the world.  Of course, there are other reasons people visit Athens and Greece, one such monument is the 1896 Olympic stadium.  Others come to learn a little more about Greek gods, Greek history or even to relax on a beach and enjoy a sunset.  Something else travelers will also discover is some of the best food in the world in Greek gastronomy.  Not only is the food fresh and locally sourced but it’s is also very well prepared.  Additionally, there are several excellent restaurants surrounding the Acropolis as well as hidden in the outskirts of the city.

How to Choose a Restaurant in Athens

With so many restaurants as well as so many dishes, how do you know which restaurant to choose?  Firstly, in a huge city such as Athens, how do you know which restaurant serves good authentic food prepared by Greeks?  Secondly, which are the Greek dishes?  Lastly, Tripadvisor is a popular method of finding restaurants serving good Greek food.  However, as a result of Athens being such a large city, several of the best Greek restaurants are not only hidden in the city but also difficult to find on Tripadvisor.

Greek Gastronomy

Take a Greek Gastronomy Tour with a Local

An excellent method to ensure you experience the best Greek food is to take a Greek gastronomy tour with a local.  Locals not only know their way around the city but they also know where the best restaurants are.  As a matter of fact, an excellent place to find the best food is at the local market – which you certainly won’t find on Tripadvisor.  In addition, locals know every type of Greek gastronomy as well as which restaurant is best for each specific dish.

Popular Greek Dishes

So which are the most famous Greek dishes?  Moussaka is probably what first comes to mind first but there are so many more dishes.  Fasolatha, Koulouri, Loukoumades, Souvlaki, Dolmades and Spanakopita are also famous.  As well as these famous dishes, there are several more delicious dishes you’ll discover.  Not to mention the selection of delicious Greek cheeses!

What are the Ingredients of Greek Gastronomy

It’s one thing researching the popular Greek dishes and then finding them as you explore Athens.  Alternatively, if you explore with a local guide, they can explain exactly how each dish is prepared.  Not only will you see the fresh ingredients in the local market but also the end result in a well respected restaurant.  When I say well respected restaurant, I’m referring to a restaurant full of locals, as opposed to one full of selfie taking tourists.

Enjoy the Greek Gastronomy

It would be a shame to visit Athens or any part of Greece and miss out on some of the best food in the world.  Moreover, if you’re a foodie traveler, exploring with a local foodie will massively enhance your experience in the country.  Enjoy sampling some of the best food in the world surrounded by locals!