I share my experience at Ammos Restaurant in Skopelos Island Greece.  Read on and I’m sure you’ll be tempted to visit Ammos Restaurant on your next trip to Skopelos.

Family Run Greek Restaurant in Skopelos

Ammos Family Run Greek Restaurant on Skopelos Island Greece

Before I discuss the food at Ammos, let’s meet the hosts.  Katerina runs the restaurant along with three generations of her family.  First and foremost you’ll be made welcome to the restaurant.  As a matter of fact, after one or two visits you’ll feel like a part of the family.

Ammos Greek Restaurant – Location

Ammos Restaurant - Skopelos Island

Day or night, Ammos Restaurant offers stunning views over the Port of Skopelos.  What’s more, it’s complemented by a friendly atmosphere.  Relax and enjoy freshly prepared food in this lovely Skopelos Island location.

Traditional Greek Appetizers

In additional to a variety of salads, there are several Greek appetizers available at Ammos Restaurant.  Popular choices include tzatziki, aubergine dip, tarama, cheese pie, spinach pie, saganaki, stuffed vine leaves, mashed fava beans, mushroom meze as well as delicious french fries.

Greek Salad

Greek Salad - Ammos Restaurant - Skopelos Island Greece

It’s always refreshing to enjoy a freshly prepared Greek salad with a generous portion of feta cheese.

Freshly Prepared Greek Cheese Pie

Greek Cheese Pie - Skopelos Island

Simply put, you must order a freshly prepared, traditional Skopelos Island Greek pie at Ammos Restaurant.  They are quite large so perfect for sharing between 2-3 people.

Main Course

Main dishes at Ammos Restaurant include beef in tomato sauce, cabbage rolls, meatballs, moussaka, oven cooked lamb, bekri maze, pork knuckle, aubergine stuffed with onions, green beans as well as a variety of grilled meats.  Additionally, there’s also a large selection of seafood including fried anchovy, grilled sardines, roasted shrimps, fried squid and the local catch of the day.  Alternatively, a variety of pastas are available including seafood pasta.

Slowly Cooked Marinated Pork with Potatoes

Greek Slow Roasted Port with Potatoes

For my main course, I chose slowly cooked marinated pork with potatoes.  It was as delicious as the photo suggests!

Ammos Meatballs with Chips

Ammos Meatball with chips

Whilst enjoying my meal at Ammos I noticed lots of locals ordering meatballs with chips.  The next time I visited I ordered a plate for myself.  Delicious meatballs and delicious chips.

Live Music

Live Music in Skopelos Island - Ammos

After your meal, you may wish to stay at the restaurant and enjoy an additional drink or two.  Several nights a week, this will be accompanied by live music.

Lunch at Ammos

A lunch special is prepared each morning at Ammos Restarant.  It could be one of many popular Greek dishes.  Locals frequent Ammos therefore you’re guaranteed a true Greek lunch experience.  When I say lunch, lunch in Greece is around 1-2 pm.


Moussaka, Skopelos Island

For me, moussaka is a much healthier version to a British minced meat pie and just as delicious.  However, it’s usually compared to an Italian lasagna.  It is in fact made up of thinly sliced potatoes and aubergine.  Be sure to ask for moussaka at Ammos Restaurant when you’re in Skopelos Island.


Fasolada - Ammos Restaurant - Skopelos Island

Fasolada is the national food of Greece and main ingredients include dry white beans, olive oil, and vegetables.  It’s traditionally prepared when the weather is cold which is not often in Skopelos.

Spend an Afternoon Like a Greek at Ammos Restaurant

When Greeks have a spare afternoon they often relax with friends and family as they slowly drink Tsipouro accompanied with small plates of food.  These small plates of food are known as meze.


Tsipouro on Skopelos Island - Mammos Restaurant

Tsipouro is decribed as an un-aged brandy.  It’s a typical drink in the region of Thessaly where Skopelos Island is located.  I recommend the anise-flavored Tsipouro.  Drink slowly as you chat with friends and family whilst relaxing and enjoying the sea views from Ammos restaurant.


Meze in Skopelos Island - Fried Aubergine

Ordering small dishes of food are a great way to learn about Greek food.  For me, I love the fried aubergines with a little salt!

Finally… Pop by Ammos Restaurant for a Coffee

Coffee in Skopelos Island - Ammos Restaurant

Maybe you’re exploring the streets of Skopelos Town and need a place to relax for a while?  Why not stop by Ammos Restaurant for a coffee and cake.  Coffee is prepared exactly as you like it.  I recommend a Greek ice coffee in the hot weather!

Visit Ammos Restaurant Facebook page for more pictures of the food as well as to contact them directly.

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