There are a few places on this Earth that feel like they are out of this world. Tenerife is definitely one of those.  It doesn’t matter if this is the first or the tenth time that you visit it as every time feels special.  The guide that follows is here to ensure that all Tenerife visitors are well-prepared for the adventure to come.

What makes Tenerife special?

Tenerife is an island like no other.  Its natural landscapes look like something out of a fairy tale as they are rich and pristine.  From lush forests to rugged cliffs and from dramatic mountains to stunning beaches, it is more than certain that Tenerife is a paradise for nature lovers.  Even people who are not huge fans of the outdoors get an uncontrollable urge to spend their days outside, exploring around, when they are in Tenerife.  The pleasant weather and the wide variety of activities that are offered explain this desire.

How to get to Tenerife?

By Sea

Tenerife has got a couple of ports that facilitate arrivals on and departures from the island.  The major port that visitors from Spain and from different parts of the world usually use in order to arrive on Tenerife is situated in the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  People who are on Tenerife and want to visit other Canary Islands often go to Los Cristianos.

By Air

Flying is another way to get to Tenerife. Travellers from some European countries, like the UK, Spain, and Germany, find direct flights to the island’s airports. There are two airports in Tenerife; Tenerife South Airport (TFS) and Tenerife North Airport (TFN), in the South and in the North of the island respectively.

How to get around Tenerife?

By Road

A large number of tourists choose to explore Tenerife by car.  This is a fast and safe option as they get to drive from one destination to another without getting on crowded means of public transport or walking for hours and hours.  Thus, hiring a car is a handy tip that guarantees a fun and pleasurable experience in Tenerife.

Where to Hire a Car at Tenerife Airport?

If you wish to start exploring Tenerife the moment you land there, Holiday Cars is here to make your wish come true.  It allows you to have a look at the available hire cars offered by trustworthy suppliers, to compare prices and to book the best one online.  In case your plans change, you can modify your booking even two days prior to your pick-up date free of charge.  Holiday Cars makes hiring a car in Tenerife a piece of cake.

Fun Facts about Tenerife

  1.     It is the largest of the Canary Islands.
  2.     Tenerife is a Spanish autonomous community.
  3.     Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Tenerife and Spain.
  4.     The small amount of light pollution makes Tenerife an ideal stargazing destination. /li>
  5.     Different weather conditions prevail in different areas of Tenerife.