Gullfoss Falls are part of the famous Golden Circle of Iceland.  Things to do at Gullfoss Falls;

  • Upper viewing platform
  • Lower viewing platform (Summer only)
  • Visitor Center and Cafe

Gullfoss is a 90 minute drive from Reykjavik so it’s easy to visit whilst staying in the capital.

Gullfoss Parking

It’s easy to park at Gullfoss as there is complimentary parking 200 meters from the viewing platforms.  In addition, there’s a visitor center in the car park with information, a cafe as well as complimentary and clean bathrooms.  Lastly, the visitor center cafe sells delicious cakes if you are looking for a snack.

Gullfoss Waterfall Winter

Gullfoss Falls in WInter

I recommend you visit Gullfoss Falls after you have visited the other waterfalls on the Golden Circle such as Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss.  The reason is because Gullfoss Falls are by far the most beautiful.  As a matter of fact, Gullfoss Falls are so impressive that they appeared in the Tom Cruise movie Oblivion.

Upper Viewing Platform

Gullfoss Falls Upper Viewing Platform

What I am photographing here is 140 cubic meters of water flowing through the crevice every second.  The crevice is 2.5 kilometers in length and 20 meters wide.  As you can probably imagine, with all this movement going on you can hear the noise long before you can see the falls themselves.  The upper viewing platform is quite long so you can photograph the falls from many angles and don’t have to worry about other tourists blocking the view.

Gullfoss Fall Lower Viewing Platform

Gullfoss Fall Lower Viewing Platform

If you visit the falls in the winter, the lower viewing platform is closed.  In fact, it’s covered in snow and ice therefore a little dangerous.  If you visit in the summer however, you can view the falls close up from the lower viewing platform.  Finally, there is an additional car park adjacent to the lower viewing platform so you can access it very easily.

Best Time to visit Gullfoss Falls

Gullfoss Falls - Best Time to Visit

When is the best time to visit the falls?  I have looked at pictures taken of Gullfoss during the summer and I prefer how they look during winter in the snow, surrounded by ice.  The only negative about visiting in winter is that the lower viewing platform is partly closed due to ice.  It can get pretty cold in the winter but you should have come to Iceland in winter prepared for cold weather anyway!

How to get from Gullfoss to Geysir

How to get from Gullfoss to Geysir

The drive from to Gullfoss to Geysir is about 10 minutes, as a matter of fact, you probably passed Geysir to get to Gullfoss.  Whilst driving watch out for the iconic Icelandic buildings, these photograph well in both winter and summer months.

Geysir to thingvellir