What would the result be if you brought several of Europe’s top Instagram spots and put them all into one place?  The answer would be Hannover New Town Hall.  Read on to see why a visit could result in the best pictures on your Instagram feed.

New Town Hall Facade

New Town Hall Facade

Firstly, just a glimpse of the New Town Hall facade should be enough to persuade you to visit Hannover.  So which top Instagram spot in Europe can I compare this to?  Either the town hall in the capital cities of Vienna, Austria, or Brussels, Belgium.  However, Hannover is not a capital city and therefore must quieter and peaceful.  Finally, an interesting fact about the dome is that it survived World War II as any bombs bounced off it.

Grand Staircase

Grand Staircase

Hannover Town Hall offers free entry and I encourage you to go inside.  As you enter, the first thing you’ll see is a grand staircase.  When this was built at the start of the 20th century did its designer forward think for Instagram photography 100 years later?  Maybe not but this is what it’s perfect for.  In addition, it’s a top wedding photography spot in the city.  Lastly, this grand staircase reminds me of Paris Opera House but without thousands of tourists.  OK, maybe it’s not quite as grand but is the Paris Opera House grand when it’s full of selfie taking tourists?  Take your time inside Hannover Town Hall and you’ll certainly find yourself alone on this grand staircase.

History of Hannover

Adjacent to the staircase are city models of Hannover throughout the years.  Did you know Hannover used to have a city wall?  How did Hannover look before, during and after World War II?  Which buildings survived the war?  Take your time to study these interesting city models.  Furthermore, get inspiration of other parts of the city you would like to visit.

Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase at Hannover New Town Hall

The spiral staircase is perhaps the most beautiful part of Hannover Town Hall.  Ladies, bring a colorful dress to pose in on these stairs!  Again, this is a top wedding photography spot in the city.  I compare this picture perfect spiral staircase to both The Lighthouse in Glasgow as well as the Initiation Well at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal.  Lastly, in my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful spiral staircases in Europe.

Grand Balcony

Grand Balconies

As well as the spiral staircase, there are several grand balconies overlooking the foyer.  I compare these to balconies to the courtyard of Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy.  Again, here at Hannover Town Hall there won’t be thousands of selfie taking tourists and you will have the balcony all to yourself.

Masch Park and Lake

Masch Park, Hannover

Behind the town hall is large city park.  Masch Park features a huge reflecting pond.  Take the time to explore this park.

Exploring the Park

Explore the Gardens

Masch Park offers hundreds of spots to take your picture.  Alternatively, bring a picnic, sit down and relax.  As you explore, you’ll find bridges, old trees, trees in bloom in addition to a perfect backdrop and reflection.  For the beauty of this park as well as the number of green areas throughout  Hannover, I compare this to Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

Postcard Perfect Reflection

Hannover Town Hall Reflection

Photographers come from all over the world to capture the town hall reflection shot.  If it looks this beautiful in the middle of the day, imagine what it’s like during sunrise and sunset!  Just pray there’s no scaffolding when you visit Hannover.  I compare the perfect reflection to the Miroir d’eau in Bordeaux, France.  However, whereas the Bordeaux reflecting pool is surrounded by traffic, the Hannover pond is surrounded by a peaceful green area.

Witness Something Majestic at Hannover New Town Hall

Rainbow in Hannover

I mentioned visiting Masch Park at sunrise or sunset when the colors reflect in the water.  When I visited, I was lucky enough to witness a rainbow reflecting in the lake.  Moreover, I visited when the sky was moody which also created a beautiful shot.  Just avoid the park when it’s windy as this obscures any reflection.

Wildlife in Masch Park

Wildlife in Masch Park Hannover

As you explore the park take note of the wildlife.  Ducks, swans and colorful birds call this park home.  Who knows, maybe you witness a majestic swan love heart pose like I witnessed at Blenheim Palace in England.  Speaking of England, English people won’t often see a red squirrel but it seems they are in abundance throughout Hannover and this park.

Crooked Lift

Hannover New Town Hall - Crooked Lift

A crooked lift takes you to the top of the Town Hall for panoramic views over Hannover.  This is the only crooked lift in Europe.  When you get in the floor is not level but as you reach the top, the incline makes it level.

Lion Statues

Lion Statues in Hannover Germany

The entrance to Hannover Town Hall features majestic statue lions.  I must compare these to one of the most visited places in Europe, Trafalgar Square, London.  You cannot get on them for a photo like in Trafalgar Square but there are certainly a lot less people!

Grand Ceiling

Ceiling at Hannover New City Hall

As you would imagine, a lot of detail has been put into the ceiling.  So where in Europe can I compare the ceiling to?  The main dome of Burgos Cathedral in Spain.  Although, the ceiling in Burgos Cathedral is much more detailed, it doesn’t offer free entry like Hannover Town Hall.

At Night

Hanover Neue Rathaus

I mentioned visiting this Hannover attraction at different times of the day such as sunrise, sunset and also on a moody day.  But, how about visiting at nighttime?  The building is lit up beautifully and it’s definitely worth a little detour on your way home from whichever of the Hannover restaurants that you’re dining in.

And Finally…Classic Buses

Classic Bus at Hannover New Town Hall

Several bus tours in Hannover take place daily in classic buses.  As a result, you may see one parked outside the Town Hall.  Definitely another good place to take your Instagram photo

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