Hotel Forum is a hotel in Pompei. It's the perfect place to stay whilst visiting ancient Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

Where to stay in Pompei?

Hotel Forum is located in the center of modern Pompei.  Reasons to choose Hotel Forum for your stay in Pompei are;

  • A stone’s throw from ancient Pompeii
  • View of Mount Vesuvius, ancient Pompeii and modern Pompei from hotel terrace
  • Day trips to Naples, Amalfi coast and Mount Vesuvius possible
  • Onsite restaurant with delicious Italian food
  • Onsite bar offering free snacks
  • Cable TV with channels in English
  • Staying in Pompei is more peaceful than in Naples

For the best rates book direct on the hotel website, Hotel Forum.  For the latest events and special offers check out the hotels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.


Hotel Forum Pompei - location

Hotel Forum is located in a classic building in the center of modern Pompei.  It takes less than a minute to walk to the UNESCO site of ancient Pompeii from the hotel.  Being located so close to ancient Pompeii means you can visit at quieter times.  You can stroll over early or morning or late afternoon when there are no tourist buses visiting.  In comparison to Naples which is chaotic, Pompei is a tranquil town.  Pompei is set up for tourists with lots of restaurants and Italian ice cream shops.  You’ll be able to relax and enjoy good food conveniently whilst in Pompei.

It’s very easy to get to Mount Vesuvius as there are regular buses from Pompei as well as organised tours.  There are regular trains to Naples and the Amalfi coast.  If you prefer to take tours these can be organised at reception.

Check in

Hotel Forum Pompei - check in

You will receive a friendly Pompei welcome at the hotel.  Staff speak perfect English and will be happy to advise you on the local attractions.  It’s possible to make day trips to Naples, Amalfi Coast and Mount Vesuvius.  The staff will know the best way to experience these day trip according to your budget and group size.  Ancient Pompeii is across the street so you won’t need to ask how to get there!

Guest room

Hotel Forum Pompei - guest room

The spacious guest rooms come with everything you would expect from a luxury hotel.  There is cable TV with channels in English language.  WiFi is complimentary with a strong signal in the room.  It’s possible to order room service from the onsite restaurant.  The guest room I stayed in had a balcony overlooking the garden and patio area.  Other rooms in the hotel face Mount Vesuvius.

Guest bathroom

Hotel Forum Pompei - guest bathroom

The guest bathroom is large with walk in rainfall showers.  There’s also a regular shower head to mix things up a little bit.  The amenities are plentiful and there is a hairdryer.  Towel heaters are a nice additional because it’s always nice to dry yourself with a warm towel.  You’ll find bathrobes for when you’ve finished and retire to the bedroom.

Complimentary buffet breakfast

Hotel Forum Pompei - complimentary breakfast

You can enjoy your complimentary breakfast in the conservatory or outdoor patio and garden.  The selection of food is as you would expect from a luxury hotel.  There are hot and cold meats, cheeses, eggs, cereals, fresh breads, sweet breads, juices, teas and coffees.  Your waiter or waitress will offer to bring you a coffee of your choice from the restaurant coffee machine.  I strongly recommend you accept this and feel free to order more than one coffee!  You need to prepare yourself and gain the energy required for your days activities.

Onsite Bar

Hotel Forum Pompei - onsite bar and snacks

After a day of exploring ancient Pompeii you may require a drink.  When you buy a drink at the onsite bar you’re welcome to enjoy the complimentary snacks.  This is exactly what is required before freshening up for dinner.

Onsite Restaurant

Hotel Forum Pompei - onsite restaurant

The onsite restaurant serves delicious Italian food.  You can choose the typical pasta or pizza as well as many more dishes.  Keep an eye out for the dish of the day.  When I visited it was a tagliatelle bolognese which was delicious (above).  The restaurant (and hotel) is child friendly and vegan friendly.  It’s good knowing you don’t have to go out of the hotel to find a good restaurant.  If you do decide to go out and find a restaurant, there are plenty to choose from within walking distance.

Outdoor garden and patio

Hotel Forum Pompei - outdoor patio

The garden and outdoor patio is a good place to relax after a day exploring ancient Pompeii.  For those who like to make Instagram photos, there are natural fruit trees to pose with.  One rare fruit tree you can pose with is the citron tree.  Citrons are huge citrus fruits and it’s unlikely you’ll have seen these before.

As well as the garden and patio you can visit the outdoor terrace on the second floor of the hotel.  From the terrace you can enjoy views of Mount Vesuvius, ancient Pompeii and the basilica of modern Pompei.

Enjoy your stay at Hotel Forum Pompei

Hotel Forum is the perfect base to explore this area of Italy.  After your day trips you’ll always come back to a warm welcome.  You can look forward to your drink at the bar accompanied by complimentary snacks.  The convenience of having delicious Italian food on site is a bonus.  Being able to enjoy this food in the restaurant, the garden or even in your room adds to that convenience.

For the best rates book direct on the hotel website, Hotel Forum.  For the latest events and special offers check out the hotels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.