Texas is one of the most well known states in the USA.  What’s more it’s also the largest of the contiguous United States.  As a result, you’ll cover a lot of ground taking a Texas road trip.  Have you heard the phrase, “everything’s bigger in Texas”?  As you explore Texas you’ll understand why this phrase came about.  Let’s get onto the top attractions in Texas which include visiting the megacities of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio as well as National Parks including Big Bend and Guadeloupe Mountains.  Additionally, there’s a lot of history here too with The Alamo, Mexican border and JFK assassination.

The Alamo – My Choice in Texas

The Alamo, Texas

You’ll learn a lot about the history of Texas by visiting The Alamo.  No doubt you’ve seen the movie and studied it at school therefore you shouldn’t miss the chance to see where it actually happened.  Additionally, a visit inside the church is one of the best free things to do in Texas.  Lastly, you’ll find the Alamo Fort and Museum in downtown San Antonio which means you must not skip this city!

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park, How to plan a Texas road trip

This National Park is named after a big bend in the Rio Grande which is on the perimeter.  The Rio Grande runs along the US / Mexico border therefore you could be sailing in-between two countries.  Drive your hire car along the miles of paved roads within the park as you witness stunning views.  In addition, park up in many of the designated parking areas and take a short hike to beauty spots.  If you’re into birdwatching, you could be in for a treat as over 450 bird species have been spotted here.  Keep your eye out for red-naped sapsucker, long eared owl or even an incredibly colorful painted bunting.

Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston, how to plan a Texas road trip

I think everyone has heard the phrase “Houston, we have a problem”?  You can learn more about the Space Center they were calling as you visit Houston Space Center.  What’s more, this museum will run through the history of space exploration from it’s beginnings up to future planned projects.  You can simply buy a ticket and visit the museum.  Alternatively, those who really love space exploration can upgrade to a full on NASA VIP tour.

Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo

Cadillac Ranch, How to plan a Texas road trip

If you decide to take your road trip to Amarillo, Cadillac Ranch is an Instagram worthy destination you must visit!  As a matter of fact, Cadillac Ranch is alongside the famous Route 66.  Stop, pose for pictures beside these iconic cars before driving onto Amarillo whilst listening to the famous song “Is This The Way To Amarillo” by Tony Christie.  Lastly, hiring a car with KAYAK gives you the freedom to visit this monument at sunrise or sunset when it has a spectacular golden color.

Dallas Landmarks

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Dallas is my favorite city in Texas.  For this reason, I’ve written an in depth blog about Dallas landmarks.  Let me briefly run over a few things to do in Dallas.  Dallas is where the JFK assassination occurred.  Of course, Dallas is home to the Dallas Cowboys football team who play in a huge stadium!  Another mentionable Dallas attraction is the Instagram worthy building, Meyersen Symphony Center.  In the twin city of Fort Worth you can see the famous Texas longhorn cattle which are twice daily driven through the historic district.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park

We talk a lot about Route 66 but today we’ll take Route 67!  Take Route 67 south from Dallas and you’ll arrive at Glen Rose and the Dinosaur Valley State Park.  However, long before Route 67 existed, dinosaurs roamed this part of the earth.  Evidence of this can be found along the banks of the Paluxy River.  Where else in the world can you find such profound dinosaur footprints?  Maybe everything really is bigger in Texas!

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo, how to plan a Texas road trip

Do you wish to see a tiger without traveling to India?  How about a lion without taking the long flight to Africa?  Houston Zoo will certainly satisfy your wildlife and nature cravings!  The animal which draws me to Houston Zoo is the jaguar.  At Houston Zoo they have even created their own Brazilian Pantanal for its home.  Lastly, if you’re not planning to visit Houston but wish to visit a zoo, then you should check out Dallas Zoo.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, How to plan a Texas road trip

The Guadalupe Mountains tower 3000 feet over the surrounding desert area.  As a matter of fact, this area is even better known for its fossilized remains created over thousands of years.  Don’t visit the Guadalupe Mountains National Park without taking your picture with the highest peak ‘El Capitan’, as a backdrop.  Talking of Spanish names, the park is not far from El Paso and the busy US / Mexican border with Juarez.

El Paso – Take a Trip to Mexico

El Paso - Take a Trip to Mexico

Take a walk over the International Bridge between Cuidad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, United States.  If you’ve not yet visited Mexico, this is an easy way to add a new country to your list.  As you walk back, you’ll be greeted with a sign reminding you to drive friendly, the Texas way.  Has your experience on a Texas road trip been a friendly one?

Texas Capitol

Texas Capitol Inside

The Texas Capitol Building is certainly the iconic landmark of Austin, if not, the whole of Texas.  In fact, the interior reminds me of the Paris Pantheon with the huge well decorated dome.  The Capitol building is also a big clue to the fact that Austin is the capital city of Texas!  Lastly, self touring visits of the Texas Capitol are available everyday.

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock, Texas

The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is most famous for the Enchanted Rock summit trail.  It should take you less than an hour but be prepared for extreme heat in this part of the world.  Why is this rock enchanted and is it worth visiting?  If you’re interested in geology then you will certainly need to visit this exfoliation dome.  As for the enchanted part, I guess it depends on who you’re visiting it with.

USS Lexington

USS Lexington, How to plan a Texas road trip

The United States is well known for having the worlds strongest navy.  For this reason, it makes sense to visit USS Lexington Museum and see a part of it for yourself.  This historic aircraft carrier was built in 1943 and served for several decades.  Today, the ship has become a museum and you can explore it and learn all about its history.  Drive down to Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico to explore USS Lexington.

Enjoy Your Texas Road Trip

Enjoy Your Texas Road Trip

Do you want to stay an extra day at the Big Bend National Park?  Wake up at sunrise to see the Cadillac Ranch become golden?  Perhaps you want to spend a full day exploring the USS Lexington?  In contrast, you may want to spend a full day over the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico?  However you wish to spend your time in Texas, organising your trip independently gives you the freedom to do it exactly as you wish.  Enjoy.

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