Visiting Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’Este is a simple day trip which you can do by yourself.  I show you how to visit them using public transport which involves only 1200 meters of walking and less than €25 to visit both.

Step 1 – Take the Rome Metro to Ponte Mommolo

Step 1 - Take the Rome Metro to Ponte Mommolo

Firstly, you must take the Rome Metro Line B to Ponte Mammolo.  Before hopping on the metro be aware that east bound trains on Line B split into two different directions.  For this reason, make sure you get on an east bound train in the direction of Rebebbia.

Step 2 – Take a Cotral Bus to Villanova, Tivoli

Step 2 - Take a Cotral Bus to Villanova, Tivoli

The most important point to note about Ponte Mammolo Metro Station is that it’s adjacent to bus stations both upstairs and downstairs.  Costral buses heading to Tivoli leave from the upstairs bus station.  As a result, upon exiting the Metro take an exit directly out into the upper bus station as opposed to going down the escalator.  The buses leave from around this point and tickets can be bought from a self serve Costral kiosk.  Lastly, I paid €2,20 for a one way ticket and buses left at least every 30 minutes.

Step 3 – Walk 1300 Meters to Hadrian’s Villa

Step 3 - Walk 1300 Meters to Hadrian's Villa

I recommend visiting Hadrian’s Villa first which means you press the stop button shortly before you get to this stop.  There is a sign near this stop indicating you have 1200 meters to walk to Hadrian’s Villa.  Don’t panic if you miss this stop as the next stop leaves a 1300 meter walk (above).  You’ll pass a couple of corner shops and bakeries on your way to Hadrian’s Villa if you need to top up on food or drinks.  Once you arrive at Hadrian’s Villa simply buy an entry ticket for €10 and explore at your leisure.

Step 4 – Visit Hadrian’s Villa

Step 4 - Visit Hadrian's Villa

Visiting Hadrian’s Villa by yourself gives you the luxury to spend as little or as long as you like there.  I would describe Hadrian’s Villa as Roman ruins in a huge park setting.  As a result, you’ll certainly find some beautiful areas to relax and admire.  One things for sure, if you’ve been in Rome for a few days, you’ll appreciate being away from the infamous Rome tourists in the peace of Hadrian’s Villa.

Step 5 – Take a Local Bus from Hadrians Villa to Tivoli

Step 5 - Take a Local Bus from Hadrians Villa to Tivoli

Buy a bus ticket from the Hadrian’s Villa ticket office and take the bus to Tivoli.  Do not attempt to walk as Tivoli is on top of a hill.  It’s a short 15 minute bus journey which costs €1,30.  The final stop in Tivoli is a 5 minute walk from Villa D’Este.  There are supermarkets and many restaurants in Tivoli.

Step 6 – Visit Villa D’Este

Step 6 - Visit Villa D'Este

Villa D’Este features an elegant mansion as well as gardens with huge fountains.  Because I was visiting in winter it was sunset when I was in the gardens.  They looked stunning with the golden light on them. Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este certainly designed these gardens with sunset and sunrise in mind.  As I was visiting Villa D’Este independently I was able to spend as long as I wished at sunset.  In fact, I had the whole gardens to myself!

Step 7 – Take a Bus from Tivoli to Ponte Mommolo, Rome

Step 7 - Take a Bus from Tivoli to Ponte Mommolo, Rome

There are regular buses from Tivoli to Roma with Cotral.  They leave from this point and you must buy your ticket from the Tobacco shop opposite (€1,30).  Have a safe trip back to Ponte Mammolo, Rome.

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