In this blog post I will answer five common questions on Ibiza for beginners.

What is life like in Ibiza?

What is life like in Ibiza?

Firstly, if you’re visiting Ibiza on a short vacation from Spring to Autumn then you can expect fine weather and picture perfect beaches.  That’s not to mention the buzzing nightlife which Ibiza is famous is for.  How about the food in Ibiza?  Of course, you can find some traditional Spanish dishes but in addition to these you’ll have no problem finding international food as well as many famous fast food chains.  Ibiza is also famed for several fine dining restaurants.  As for shopping, Ibiza offers everything from traditional markets all the way to high end shopping malls.

What Are the Best Areas of Ibiza?

The two main areas of Ibiza you should consider staying are San Antonio and Santa Eulalia.  San Antonio is the islands top party hotspot and certainly the destination for Ibiza visitors looking for nightlife.  Contra to San Antonio, Santa Eulalia is a more laid back part of Ibiza more suitable for families with younger children.  Essentially, there are plenty of Ibiza hotels in these areas.

What is so special about Ibiza?

What is so special about Ibiza?

There’s no doubt that Ibiza has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  It would be especially hard to argue against this fact whilst watching a sunset over the beach with a fresh cocktail in hand.  However, even these stunning beaches aren’t what Ibiza is most famous for.  Ibiza is famed for it’s nightlife.  As a matter of fact, the nightlife in Ibiza is renowned all around the world.  Walking into a nightclub in Ibiza gives a special vibe that cannot be experienced anywhere else!  What’s more, there are many private parties, celebrity haunts and boat parties which add to this islands excitement.

Is Ibiza cheap or expensive?

Ibiza can be either cheap or expensive depending on your lifestyle choice.  Of course, if you party at the most famous nightclubs and drink each night away on cocktails, Ibiza will be expensive.  Additionally, fine dining can also be a costly experience.  That said, aren’t these experiences what we come on holiday for?  Alternatively, if you come on a quiet beach holiday and eat at inexpensive restaurants you’ll find the island reasonably cheap.

Which celebrities live in Ibiza?

Did you know that several top celebrities have their own villas on the special island of Ibiza?  As a matter of fact, during your stay you may see a famous star who is also visiting Ibiza.  Famous singers who have holidayed in Ibiza include, Shakira, Olly Murs, Calvin Harris, Craig David and Cheryl Cole.  Of course, David Guetta is a a name synonymous with Ibiza and he’ll likely be playing at a famous club.  As for footballers, several party on the island and even Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez have been spotted in Ibiza.  How about famous actors in Ibiza?  Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney and Johnny Depp have all been spotted on the island.  As a result of of these celebrities visiting Ibiza, seeing famous people is a top thing to do in Ibiza.

Now it’s time for you to visit Ibiza and experience it for yourself!