Hannover is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  When you visit Hannover, you just need to know where to visit.  I share several top Instagram spots in Hannover.

New Town Hall

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New Town Hall, Hannover, Germany 🇩🇪

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Just a glimpse of the the New Town Hall is enough to encourage you to visit Hannover.  So much so that I wrote about it being a top Instagram spot in Europe.  Firstly, walk around the grand exterior to find multiple Instagram worthy spots.  It’s from the rear park where you witness something majestic as the building is mirrored in the reflection pool.

Here is the exact location.

Grand Staircase of the New Town Hall

Grand Staircase at Hannover New Town Hall

Entry to the New Town Hall is complimentary from around 9 am to 6 pm.  Visit during off peak times and the grand staircase will be all yours to pose on.  Don’t forget to dress up!

Here is the exact location.

Spiral Staircase of the New Town Hall

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Spiral staircase inside Hannover New Town Hall, Germany 🇩🇪

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Amazingly, inside the New Town Hall features a stunning spiral staircase.  Perhaps the most beautiful spiral staircase in all of Europe?  What’s more, even during peak hours these staircases are often empty.  Additionally, there are two identical staircases adjacent to one another therefore you’re twice as likely to find an empty one.  Ladies, Hannover New Town Hall is perfect for photos wearing a long colorful dress, draping over the stairs.

Here is the exact location.

Masch Park

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Maschpark, Hannover, Germany 🇩🇪

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As I mentioned before, Masch Park features a reflection pool which mirrors the majestic New Town Hall.  However, it’s not just the New Town Hall which is Instagram worthy in this area.  Additionally, there are wooden bridges, old tree trunks as well as lush trees which add to its beauty.

Here is the exact location.

Royal Herrenhausen Gardens

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The Golden Gates at the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, Hannover Germany 🇩🇪

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Simply put, if you want an amazing Instagram post then you must visit Herrenhausen Gardens.  I share the top Instagram spot in the gardens which are the golden gates.  However, there are several other picturesque locations in these Royal Gardens.  See more photography from Herrenhausen Gardens on my Travel Blog.

Here is the exact location.

Herrenhauser Allee

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Herrenhauser Allee, Hannover, Germany 🇩🇪

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Herrenhauser Allee is a royal path which connects Hannover to the royal gardens.  Of course, a royal path is guaranteed to be a top Instagram spot.  What makes this path special are its straight lines of trees which are over a kilometer in length.  Moreover, there are 2 small paths as well as a large path therefore you shouldn’t have a problem posing with an empty path behind you.  In my opinion this is the top Instagram spot in Hannover as the leading lines are so strong.

Find the royal path here.

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Herrenhauser Allee, Hannover Germany 🇩🇪

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Visit Herrenhauser Allee at different times of the year for different types of photo.  Spring and Summer offer the trees in bloom whereas Autumn offers a huge array of colors.

Again, the royal path is here.


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Ballhofplatz, Hannover Germany 🇩🇪

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Ballhofplatz is a typical German plaza surrounded by colorful buildings.  Not only is this a good place to take your picture but it’s also a good place to relax and drink a coffee in one of the cafes.

Find the colorful plaza here.

Colorful Houses of Kramerstrasse

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There are plenty of bars to enjoy a cold German beer in whilst exploring the old town of Hanover.

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Kramerstrasse is where the highest density of colorful German buildings are located.  What’s more, this street leads up to the biggest church in the city.  As a result, this is often the street you see on Hannover postcards.

The most colorful street in Hannover is here.


Marktkirche, Hannover

Marktkirche is the main church of Hannover.  It’s free to go inside and view the interior.  However, it’s best viewed from a distance and there are several viewpoints from around the city which make good Instagram spots.  One good close up Instagram spot however, is in the entrance door.  Visit when the church is closed so the doors are closed.  The entrance to the doorway is quite a sight.

The church is here but visible from all over Hannover.

Nanas Sculptures

Nanas Sculptures, Hannover

Nanas sculptures were created by French artist, Niki de Saint Phalle.  These are colorful sculptures of voluptuous women.  There are three different sculptures to pose with which definitely makes Nanas a top Instagram spot in Hannover.  Nanas remind me of the popular Botero statues in Medellin, Colombia.

These voluptuous sculptures can be found here.

Hannover Train Station

Let me share 2 interesting facts about the statue in front of Hannover train station, Ernest Augustus.  Firstly, he was Queen Victoria’s uncle.  Secondly, this is the top meeting spot in Hannover, under the horses tail.  German train stations are certainly Instagram worthy with their stunning architecture.

Here is the exact location of the statue but the train station itself is spread over several blocks.

Underneath Hannover Train Station

Tunnel underneath Hannover Train Station

The Hannover train station underpass is like a less glamorous version of Pont de Bir-Hakeim in Paris.  In actual fact, this is tunnel, not a bridge.  Nonetheless, with the leading lines you can take a stunning Instagram picture which looks better than reality.

Find the tunnel entrance here.

Typically German Locations

Typical German Sights in Hannover

As you explore Hannover, keep your eyes open for typically German sights.  This could be anything from a colorful house to a historically decorated restaurant.  What caught my eye were the traditional signposts which displayed your location in German text.  I can’t think of a better way of letting your Instagram friends know you’re in Germany.

This exact sign photographed above is here.  From here you also have an Instagram worthy view of Kruezkirch.

Street Art in Linden

Street Art in Linden Hannover

Today, posing with street art is a must on Instagram but where can you find the best street art in Hannover.  In actual fact, you can find much street art as you explore Hannover without looking too hard.  However, if you are into street art and want to see lots of it then you must visit Linden in the suburbs.  As you explore Linden you’ll find a high concentration of street art.

The theater pictured above is located here and surrounded by a high density of street art as well as sculptures.

Street Art in Linden

Street art can be found all over Linden so explore the whole area.  However, the highest concentration is in Linden North around this area.

Abandoned Building in Linden

Abandoned Building in Linden - Ihme-Zentrum

Ihme-Zentrum is a failed housing project in Linden.  A huge apartment / shopping mall complex was built in Linden.  The building is absolutely huge and for whatever reason it failed and became largely abandoned.  I would be exaggerating to say it’s like Chernobyl.  But nonetheless, it has a Chernobyl feel to it.  What’s more, it features some interesting street art underneath it.

Find Ihme-Zentrum here but bear in mind it’s a huge complex.

Linden Power Plant

Linden Power Plant Hannover

Linden Power Plant is a place for photographers.  At night these are lit up spectacularly.  Perhaps the best place for night photography but definitely a top Instagram spot in Hannover.

You can’t visit the power plant but you can view it from this bridge.

Marienburg Castle

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The Queen’s Library at Marienburg Castle, Hannover, Germany 🇩🇪

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Marienburg Castle is a castle built for the former royal family on the outskirts of Hannover.  See how you can fill your Instagram feed up on a day trip to Marienburg Castle from Hannover.  The Queen’s Library pictured above is just one of several picturesque locations no one has heard of at Marienburg Castle.

Red Squirrels of Hannover

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A red squirrel at Herrenhäuser Gardens, Hannover, Germany 🇩🇪

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Red Squirrels can be found throughout the parks of Hannover, Herrenhausen Gardens and also at Marienburg Castle.  Keep your eyes open for these cute creatures spying on you from a tree!

Enjoy Exploring the Top Instagram Spots in Hannover

I’ve shared several stunning locations in Hannover.  However, these are just the top of the iceberg.  If you visit Hannover, I guarantee in addition to these places photographed above, you’ll find several more stunning Instagram spots.