When you book your flight, it makes sense to take into consideration the cost of airport parking.  For me personally, I would choose Leeds airport over Manchester airport.  Around Leeds airport there’s not only less traffic but also parking is much cheaper, even more so if booked in advance.  As you would imagine, airport parking costs significantly more around London, followed by Manchester and Edinburgh.  However, the cost can be significantly reduced by pre-booking your airport parking.  Furthermore, you can further reduce the cost by choosing an airport with cheaper parking.  The UK airports with the cheapest car parks are Birmingham, Glasgow, Stansted and Bristol.

Busiest Airport Car Parks

You would imagine the major UK airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick have the busiest car parks.  However, this is not the case, most likely due to the excellent bus, rail and tube links.  Additionally, these airports have a high number of transit passengers.  The busiest airport car parks in the UK are in fact, Bristol, Luton and Manchester.  The reason for this is because, not only do these airports serve a larger area but also the airport links are not convenient or good value.

Save Money by Pre-booking your Parking

As soon as you’ve booked your holidays and flights, it’s equally important that you book your airport parking.  As a result of pre-booking your parking, it has been proven that you will pay around 30% of the drive in price.  Booking your airport parking on the day does waste a significant amount of money, especially when you can pre-book.  You wouldn’t book your flight or holiday on the last day and overpay therefore you should treat your airport parking the same!

Finally, find out more facts about last minute airport parking as well as the statistics of how much you can save by booking in advance.