If you’re traveling by land from Kasane to Maun, this is what to expect and how to do it.

Kasane to Nata

Kasane to Maun - Stage 1

Firstly, at the time of writing there was no direct Kasane to Maun day bus therefore I had to change in Nata.  Alternatively, there’s a direct Kasane to Maun night bus which leaves at 9 pm and arrives in Maun at 5am.  I decided against an inconvenient early morning arrival and chose to travel through the day with a change in Nata.  As a result, I would arrive late afternoon in Maun.  From Kasane bus station, arrive early morning and take a Francistown shuttle.  These buses run to a schedule so you could check the departure times the day before you leave.  Additionally, the bus also stops in nearby Kazungula so if you’re staying there then there’s no need to travel to Kasane.  Lastly, the cost to Nata was 112 pula in July 2022 and took around 3-4 hours on a good road the whole way.


Kasane to Maun via Nata

The bus stops in Nata at a Shell station on the intersection between the main roads to Maun, Francistown and Kasane.  Get off here and it should be less than an hour before the bus to Maun arrives which is coming from Francistown.  Good news is there are clean toilets at the Shell station as well as a mart selling bread and snacks.  If you’re in the mood for some friend chicken, try the CFC (almost KFC!) inside the nearby Engen gas station.

Nata to Maun

Kasane to Maun, Nata to Maun Bus

The bus from Nata to Maun has one major stop at Gweta, other than that it’s a direct and quick bus ride.  For those visiting Botswana for a safari, you may see animals as this route passes through national parks.  During my journey, I saw several elephants, giraffes, zebras, warthogs as well as cattle.  That’s one of the big five already!  What’s more, look up to the telegraph poles and there are often pale chanting goshawks perched on top.  Lastly, this journey takes around 4 hours at a cost of 110 pula in July 2022 and the road is mostly in good condition.


Kasane to Maun by land

The final destination in Maun is Maun bus station.  Maun is a busy town with plenty of restaurants and shops around the bus station.  However, be careful where you book your hotel as it’s also a spread out city and you may be a long taxi ride from the bus station.  If you decide to book a hotel east of the river then ask the driver to drop you off before you get to the centre.  Enjoy the ride!

Final thought, why not check out flights between Kasane and Maun as I’ve seen them as low as $31 including a large baggage allowance.

How to travel from Windhoek to Kasane by land.