Wondering how to spend your time at the Cruise Ship port of Ketchikan Alaska?  Read about the top things to do in Ketchikan Alaska:

Day Trips to see Wild Black Bears Feeding on Salmon

Black Bear Feeding on Salmon - Ketchikan Alaska

For me, seeing salmon jumping up a river is exciting enough by itself.  However, a short drive from Ketchikan you can watch black bears plucking the salmon from the water.  What’s more, you can watch them eat the salmon afterwards.  Definitely a once in a lifetime experience and the top thing to do in Ketchikan.  Lastly, don’t worry as there is a safe viewing platform to watch the bears from.  Take a wildlife tour which includes a visit to the black bear and salmon viewing point.

Fly Over Misty Fjords National Monument

Day trips to Misty Fjords National Monument - Ketchikan Alaska

Do you wish to see something majestic?  Fly over the Tongass National Forest and Misty Fjords National Monument.  Alternatively, sail through on a boat.  As well as the stunning views you may see eagles and bears.

Totem Heritage Center

Totem Heritage Center - Ketchikan Alaska

Have you ever seen authentic totem poles before?  Maybe you’ve seen totem poles in Stanley Park before, these are a world famous Vancouver Landmark.  However, they are not the original ones.  Visit either the Totem Heritage Center or Potlatch Totem Park to see authentic totem poles.  Did you know that totem poles are only found in this British Columbia / Alaska region of the world?

Creek Street

Creek Street, Ketchikan Alaska

The most famous street in Ketchikan is Creek street.  In addition, it’s also one of the most unique streets in the world.  No cars can visit this street as it is in fact a creek!  You must walk along a boardwalk which features bars, souvenir shops and even a historic brothel.  Lastly, keep an eye out for salmon jumping up river.

Salmon Ladder

Salmon Ladder, Things to do in Ketchikan

A popular sight on Creek Street is the Salmon Ladder.  August / September is the time of year when you’re most likely to see salmon jumping.

Dolly’s House Museum

Dolly's House Museum, Ketchikan Alaska

Dolly was a prostitute who started a brothel called Dolly’s House back in 1919.  Today, no longer a brother, Dolly’s House is a museum of what it once was.  Visitors can see exactly how this brothel worked back in the day.  Dolly lived in the house and you can see many of her original items.  Finally, there are a few women dressed up as prostitutes to add to the authenticity of this place.

Married Mans Trail

Married Mans Trail, Ketchikan Alaska

Back in the day after men had visited brothels they would sneak home back to their wives.  For this reason, Married Mans Trail was created.  Not so much a beautiful trail but more of an Instagram spot by the street sign.

Arctic Bar

Arctic Bar, Ketchikan Alaska

The most famous bar in Ketchikan is the Arctic Bar and Liquor Store.  The Arctic Bar is the oldest bar in Ketchikan dating back to 1937.  An interesting fact about the bar is that it’s the only one in the which has been lost at sea and then recovered.  During flooding in 1956 the bar was actually swept away with a tenant still inside.  The miracle is both the tenant and the bar both survived.  Now that’s reason enough to enjoy a pint in this iconic location.

Bald Eagle Statue

Bald Eagle Statue in Ketchikan Alaska

A huge Bald Eagle welcomes you to Ketchikan Alaska.  Take your photo here as you leave the cruise port.

Ketchikan Sign

Ketchikan Sign - Main Street - Ketchikan Alaska

The iconic Ketchikan street sign reminds me of Reno Nevada.  What’s more, nearby are the worlds largest collection of totem poles.  Do you want to buy Ketchikan Alaska souvenirs?  You’ll find nothing but souvenir shops downtown.  OK, maybe a few restaurants too.  Enjoy.

How to Travel from Ketchikan to Juneau by Cruise Ship

Princess Cruise from Ketchikan to Juneau

After visiting Ketchikan I returned to my cruise ship.  The next destination is Juneau, Alaska – home of the beautiful Mendenhall glacier.  Enjoy the overnight journey whilst enjoying shows and eating at lots of buffets.

Juneau to Skagway