Konyaspor is a football team from Konya, Turkey which plays in the Turkish Super League.  As a matter of fact, Samuel Eto’o played for them when I visited.  Reasons to visit the Konyaspor Stadium include;

  • You’re a Konyaspor fan
  • Learn about Turkish football
  • Watch a football match
  • Sneak in for a stadium tour

Hotels in the center of Konya are excellent value and there is a convenient tram to the stadium.  There are no official stadium tours, however, it’s possible to find an open door.  Alternatively, ask security if you can enter or visit during match day.


Konyaspor Stadium Tour - Konya Turkey - Location

Konyaspor Stadium is in northern Konya therefore you must take the tram to the stadium.  I took the tramway to Otogar Duragi stop.  From there you can take a taxi or walk the 2 km.  On the way you’ll pass the beautiful Ecdad Park as well as a shopping mall.

Konyaspor Stadium Facts

Konyaspor Stadium Tour - Konya Turkey - Stadium Facts

Firstly, the official name of the stadium is the Konya Büyükşehir Stadyumu.  It opened in 2014 and has a capacity of almost 38,000.  As a result it’s one of the largest stadiums outside Istanbul.  Of course, the famous Istanbul stadiums of Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas are much larger!  In addition to the football stadium, this area of Konya features an athletics stadium, velodrome as well as several other mini sports arenas.  Whilst inside the stadium, look up because the roof design is based on the spokes of a wheel.

Home Team Dressing Room

Konyaspor Stadium Tour - Konya Turkey - Home Team Dressing Rooms

Konyaspor famously won the Turkish Cup for the first time in 2017.  As a result, there is an image of the Turkish Cup around the entrance to the home team dressing room.  This lets the opposing team know they are playing against winners!

Players Tunnel

Konyaspor Stadium Tour - Konya Turkey - Players Tunnel

Walk through the players tunnel to pitchside.  Samuel Eto’o has made this walk from the dressing room to the pitch several times.  More recently, Abdou Razack Traore has played for Konyaspor.  This area is definitely a top Instagram spot in Konya!

Dugout and Pitch Side

Konyaspor Stadium Tour - Konya Turkey - Dugout and Pitchside

You’re welcome to sit in the dugout and view the pitch as the managers do.  Additionally, from here you get an excellent view of the spoke wheel roof.  Did you know the wheel was invented in Turkey?

Flash Interviews

Konyaspor Stadium Tour - Konya Turkey - Flash Interview Rooms

If you like to make videos you’ll enjoying giving an interview in front of the flash interview boards.  It’s also interesting to see who’s advertising on Turkish television.

How to watch Football Match in Turkey – Passolig

Konyaspor Stadium Tour - Konya Turkey - How to watch Football Match in Turkey - Passolig

If you plan to watch a football match in Turkey you must learn the Passolig system.  Unfortunately, you cannot simply walk to the stadium and buy a ticket.  Read about my Fenerbahce matchday experience and how to watch a football match in Turkey.  If there is a match on, I highly recommend you make the effort to go see it.  Matchday atmosphere in Turkey is an experience in itself.

VIP Seats

Konyaspor Stadium Tour - Konya Turkey - VIP Seats

With Turkey being one of the cheapest countries in the world, why not treat yourself to the VIP seats?

Konya Store

Konyaspor Stadium Tour - Konya Turkey - Konya Store

As you would imagine, the Konya Store is full of Konyaspor inspired merchandise.  Turkey is an incredibly cheap country therefore you can find some bargains.  Why not treat yourself to not only a football shirt but also a souvenir of your visit to Konya?

How to get to Konyaspor Stadium from Central Konya

How to get from Konya City Center to Konyaspor Stadium

From the center of Konya, take a tram north and alight at Otogar Duragi.  As well as being the stop for the main bus station there’s also a huge green sign for Konya Stadium.  From the tram stop it’s a 2 km walk or taxi west to the stadium.  On this route you’ll pass a huge mosque, a shopping mall as well as Ecdad Park.  Enjoy your visit to Konyaspor Stadium.

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