Things to do at Lake Bled including Bled Island, Bled Castle, Bled Hotels, swimming in Lake Bled, camping in Lake Bled and how to get to Lake Bled from Ljubljana. Additionally which is the nearest airport to Lake Bled.

Things to do in Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.  Things to do at Bled include;

  • Photograph Bled Island
  • Visit Bled Castle
  • Eat Bled cream cake
  • Swim in Lake Bled
  • Stay at the 5 star Grand Hotel Toplice

One thing is for certain at Lake Bled, you’ll come away with beautiful photos!  For Lake Bled accommodation cheap, I recommend you try Airbnb.  Additionally, it’s worth checking Lake Bled hotels for offers.

Bled slovenia

Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled is located in the Slovenia Alps (Julian Alps), around 60 km from Ljubljana.  It’s full length is just over 2 km with it’s width well over 1 km.  The deepest point of Lake Bled is almost 30 m.  One of the most asked questions is, ‘is Lake Bled swimming permitted?’.  The answer is, yes, you can swim in Lake Bled.  There are even beach areas which are designated for swimming.  It’s not advisable to swim during the winter as the water is ice cold, even frozen.  In the Summer the average water temperature is a nice 22°C.  In addition, kayaks and rowing boats can be hired.

Bled Island

Bled Island

The postcard picture of Bled features Bled Island.  The island features a church which dates back to the 17th century.  It’s known as the Church of the Assumption and features a bell tower.  Locals marry in this church.  It’s possible to visit Bled island on a boat trip, additionally you can make some impressive Instagram photos over there.

Bled Castle

Bled Castle

The Medieval Bled Castle looks over Bled Lake.  There are 2 reasons to visit the castle.  The first is to enjoy the panoramic views over Lake Bled.  Secondly, you can visit the Bled Castle Restaurant and enjoy some delicious, freshly cooked Slovenian food.  If you don’t want to eat a full meal, you can stop by for an excellent coffee and a piece of freshly made custard cream cake.  The best place to photograph Bled Castle is from the banks of Lake Bled.

Custard Cream Cake

Bled Cream Cake

Custard cream cake is a traditional Slovenian dessert.  It’s known in Slovenian as kremsnita and often referred to as Bled cream cake.  The cake makes a good dessert, or you could even order one as a snack.  It will be interesting finding out the best technique to eat it.  As it’s hard pastry covering cream and custard, you’ll find when you push down with the spoon that it oozes out.  I was only given a spoon, so what is the best method to eat it?  Do you also need to use your hands to break the pastry?  As a result of this, the custard cream cake is a fun dessert to try at Lake Bled!

Best Slovenian Wine

Best Slovenian Wine, Bled Castle Restaurant

Slovenia is proud of its wine.  It’s also unlikely you’ve tried Slovenian wine before.  Many of the restaurants around Lake Bled will be serving a variety of Slovenian wines.  In addition, at Bled Castle Restaurant you’ll be able to try the local wine.  Be sure to ask the staff, ‘which is the best Slovenian wine?’.  I’m sure they’ll be keen for you to sample a few local wines.

Hotel Bled

Hotel Bled

For the ultimate Lake Bled accommodation option it’s worth checking out Grand Hotel Toplice.  This 5 star hotel along the banks of Bled offers wonderful views of the lake, Bled Island and Bled Castle.  In fact the view of the castle from the hotel is more rewarding than a visit to the castle!  In addition, for those who would like to go swimming in Lake Bled, the hotel has better options.  There are several indoor and outdoor thermal pools with views of the lake.  If you’re traveling to Bled with kids, they will appreciate the water slide.  There’s also an outdoor Finnish sauna, it’s one of the largest swimming pool complexes in Slovenia.

Camping Lake Bled

camping lake bled

You can camp on the banks of Lake Bled.  There are a couple of campsites to choose from.  Camping at Lake Bled will give you the opportunity to make those Instagram photos with the open tent and an amazing view!  In addition there are a couple of caravan sites for those traveling Slovenia by vehicle.

Lake Bled Weather

Lake Bled Weather

If you visit Lake Bled in winter, it’s likely the temperature will be below freezing and the surrounding mountains covered in snow.  If you can stand the cold, then it’s worth it for the views.  The weather improves during spring and throughout summer it’s warm enough to swim in the lake.  In addition the lake is fed by thermal springs which help increase the water temperature.  Swimming is popular until around September when the weather starts to get cold again.  On a calm day you can make Instagrammable photos of the lake with perfect reflections.

Lake Bohinj

An alternative to Lake Bled is the nearby Lake Bohinj.  Lake Bohinj is located 25 km west of Lake Bled and is the largest lake in Slovenia.  There is no Island in Lake Bohinj but there is a cable car which you can take up Mount Vogel for panoramic views.  Additionally there are less hotels and tourists so you’ll feel closer to nature.

How to get from  Ljubjana to Bled and from Bled to Ljubljana

There are 2 train stations located close to Lake Bled.  The closest is Bled Jezero which is 3 km away, the other is Lesce and 4.5 km away.  The best way to arrive in Bled is by bus.  Buses leave regularly from Ljubljana bus station and take 1 hour to reach Bled.  The bus station in Bled is 300 meters from the Lake.

If you’re arriving in Slovenia by aeroplane, the nearest airport to Lake Bled is Ljubljana airport.  Ljubljana airport is around 40 km from Bled and you can organise a shuttle transfer.

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