Moving to a new place is a big deal and there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind.  For one thing, you will need to decide where to go.  Singapore is a great choice for a number of reasons that we will explain.  Then, you need to find a great place to live. We recommend a modern and well-equipped property in Singapore.  We will also advise you not to overpack when moving.  Once there, you will need to find a great job, get involved with the local community, and even learn a bit of the local language, Malay.  Let’s break this all down in more detail.

Why Move to Singapore?

So, you’re going to move to Singapore.  Perhaps your main reason for choosing this gorgeous southeast Asian island city-state is for the climate and tropical lifestyle.  This is certainly a great advantage of living in Singapore.  You get access to lovely beaches, warm evenings, beautiful daytime temperatures, and the food and drink that come with such a great environment.

Or, maybe you have chosen Singapore because it is a tax haven for foreign investors.  Moreover, the healthcare system, schools, and infrastructure are very well thought of and the lifestyle is pleasant.  Singapore is modern and efficient and very accepting of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions.  Moreover, you’ll have a lifetime to explore the Singapore tourist attractions.

The main business language is English and most signs are in English too, so you will not find it hard to settle in once you have arrived.

Find Your Dream Home

One of the key decisions you will need to make when you move to Singapore is where you want to live.  As seen at PropNex, Singapore is a vibrant, busy, and built-up city, and the housing options are generally apartments.  You can discuss your property and investment needs with experts who can talk you through Singapore’s real estate.  This may not be the cheapest city in the world, but the quality of the modern, well-equipped, and visually stunning properties on the market make it worth every penny.

Depending on your long-term goals with this move, you might want to buy a property in Singapore, or else just rent until you decide if you are staying.  Weigh up the pros and cons of both options and discuss them with a real estate agent or consultant.

Do Not Overpack

When it comes to starting a new life in a different country, it can be easy to try and bring your whole current life with you.  However, it is a great idea to take the move as an opportunity to downsize the number of possessions you have.  Try to be practical and let go of things you do not really need.  This will make the move far easier and less expensive.

You can put your items into storage, or donate them.  It is wise to let go and donate anything you can do without.  This is a win-win as you will be helping out the community you are leaving behind and also making your bags a lot lighter for the move.

Get a Great Job

Singapore is a city-state that relies heavily on trade and tourism.  There are few natural resources and hardly any agricultural land in Singapore.  You are very likely to find a job in trade, tourism, or finance in the city.  These are areas with huge amounts of growth.

Many ex-pats move to Singapore for job opportunities, salaries, and chances for moving up the ladder in the world of business.  Just remember to follow local business customs, such as always revering and respecting the most senior person in a room and avoiding physical contact with people of the opposite sex.

Join the Community

You will also want to join in with the local community once you have settled down a little.  You will meet many ex-pats like yourself who will have clubs, events, and groups that you can join.  You might also want to get to know the people of Singapore.  The more you integrate and show a desire to join in, the more opportunities will come your way and the better you can experience and enjoy the move.

If you are into sports, languages, food, or books, for instance, why not try to find a local team or club to sink your teeth into?  A comfortable life involves more than just work and home.  You should try to find a pocket of society where you feel included.  This will make Singapore a forever home for you.

Learn Some Malay

Finally, when in Singapore, why not make the effort to learn a bit of the local vernacular? While it is not essential to life in Singapore, it is nice to learn a little more about the language and culture of the place you now call home.

The awesome thing about Malay, the official language of Singapore, is that it is considered the easiest Asian language to learn.  This is because it has no verb tenses, plurals, or conjugations.

So, you can easily pick up on some basic greetings, names of common household items, and other useful words and phrases.  This could help you in stores, while socializing, and even in business meetings.  People appreciate when you show a willingness to learn their culture and language, so it could make your life easier in a number of ways.

Moreover, when you can understand a bit of the language, you can enjoy the music and TV shows available in Malay.  This is a great way to feel more at home in your new life.

How To Start A Comfortable Life In Singapore?

Now that you know why Singapore is a great place to live and where to look for a gorgeous apartment, you can start thinking about making this awesome island city-state your home.  Just remember not to overpack for the move. Singapore is also a popular choice for business people as there are countless opportunities for jobs.  Once you have settled in, you can join local teams or clubs to get involved with the community.  And finally, you might want to learn some words in Malay to impress the locals.  It is easy to start a comfortable life in Singapore as this city-state was designed to be efficient, pleasant, and accepting.