Lipsi Island is part of the Dodecanese island group in Eastern Greece.  Furthermore, it’s on the direct route with Blue Star Ferries from Kos, Rhodes or Piraeus.  Things to do in Lipsi Island Greece include;

  • Beaches
  • Greek Restaurants
  • Ouzeri Experience
  • Lipsi Winery
  • Horse Riding
  • Beekeeping / Honey
  • Traditional Greek Churches and Houses
  • Dimitris Farm and Vineyards
  • Boat Trips
  • Hiking

If you’re looking for an authentic and relaxing Greek experience, visit Lipsi!  Accommodation is excellent value on the island with Michalis Studios receiving high ratings for both location and service.


Firstly, let’s start with the beaches on Lipsi Island.  They are nearly always quiet and there’s a good chance you could have one all to yourself!  What’s more, one of the beaches has been voted in the top 10 of Greece!

Lientou Beach

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Lientou Beach

Lientou Beach is the most popular on the island.  Not because of its beauty but because it’s a 5 minute walk from the main village on the island.  Swim in shallow warm water and get some shade under palm trees.  A short walk away is Kampos beach which also offer shady palm trees.

Platis Gialos Beach

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Platis Gialos Beach

Platis Gialos Beach has been voted one of the top 10 in the whole of Greece.  As a matter of fact, it looks like a beach from the Caribbean with the contrasting turquoise and dark blue waters.  Adjacent to the beach is a restaurant which serves delicious, freshly prepared food and of course cold drinks.  It’s a 45 minute walk or short drive from the main village and port.

Katsadia Beach

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Katsadia Beach

Katsadia Beach features a small boardway where you walk out to view waves crashing on the rocks.  Alternatively, you can relax on the beach or go for a swim in the turquoise water.  Adjacent to Katsadia beach is a restaurant serving freshly prepared, delicious food.

Chochlakoura Beach

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Chochlakoura Beach

To reach Chochlakoura you must walk a little off road.  Of course, if you have a jeep, you can drive all the way down.  Due to its remoteness, you could have this beach all to yourself.  Additionally, if you explore the surrounding area you may come across a cave or two.  Finally, adjacent to Chochlakoura Beach is Xerokambos Beach.

Kimisi Beach

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Kimisi Beach

Kimisi Beach is on the southwest of Lipsi Island and on the hiking route to Kimisi Theotokou.  As you hike past it, you’ll witness wonderful aerial views which really bring out its beauty.

Hidden Beaches

In addition to the above mentioned beaches there are several hidden beaches on the island.  These are not accessible by car therefore you must hike to them.  Alternatively, you could hire a jeep.  Lastly, it’s these hidden beaches which you’re most likely to have all to yourself.

Greek Restaurants

Lipsi Island features several restaurants offering authentic Greek food.  These restaurants are frequented by not only tourists but also the locals.  One thing’s for sure, you’re guaranteed a true Greek experience.

Yiannis Restaurant

Yiannis Restaurant - Greek Food - Lipsi Island Greece - Location

Firstly, enjoy freshly sourced and freshly prepared Greek food at Yiannis Restaurant.  In addition to the excellent food experience, you can also enjoy al fresco dining with a Lipsi harbor view.  Read about my experience at Yiannis Restaurant and most importantly, pictures of the food.

Manolis Tastes

Manolis Tastes - Greek Restaurant Bar Cafe - Lipsi Island - Location

Another guaranteed good Greek food experience is at Manolis Tastes.  As well as traditional Greek dishes, the friendly chef also prepares his own creations.  Of course, all food is freshly sourced on Lipsi Island.  Read about my experience at Manolis Tastes with pictures of the menu items.

Ouzeri Experience

What is an Ouzeri?  An Ouzeri is a tavern which serves the alcoholic Greek drink, Ouzo in addition to small plates of food.   For me, an Ouzeri visit is a must on Lipsi Island.

Ouzeri Nikos and Louli

Greek Ouzeria Restaurant Experience + Photos - Ouzo with a View

For freshly prepared food and ice cold ouzo with harbor views, I recommend Ouzeri Nikos and Louli.  Read about my Ouzeri experience with pictures of the delicious food.

Lipsi Winery

Greek Ouzeria Restaurant Experience + Photos - Lipsi Wine

Did you know Lipsi produces its own wine?  Of course, you’ll get the opportunity to sample this wine in the restaurants.  However, why not make a trip up to the Lipsi Winery itself to view the vineyards.  Additionally, there are popular wine tasting events which you must book in advance to secure your place.  As well as tasting the wine, you’ll view the majestic sunset over Lipsi Harbor.

Horse Riding

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Horse Riding

Why not enjoy the Lipsi attractions on horseback?  Leipsian Horse Riding offer horseback riding to stunning viewpoints of the island.  Additionally, you can also visit their horse farm.  Visit the official Leipsian Horse Riding page for more information.

Beekeeping / Honey

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Beekeeping / honey

Adjacent to the horse riding are the Lipsi beekeeping facilities.  Here, as well as seeing hundreds of bees you can also buy honey.  Other interesting articles for sale are the honey beeswax candles.  Visit the official Facebook page for more information, pictures and how to visit.

Traditional Greek Churches

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Traditional Greek Churches

Lipsi Island is home to hundreds of traditional Greek churches.  These are a photographers paradise and seriously enhance any Lipsi photograph.  In addition, don’t be afraid to go inside and visit the interior.  The church photographed above is past Platis Gialos Beach in the north west of the island.

Traditional Greek Houses

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Traditional Greek Houses

In addition to the traditional Greek churches are the colorful houses.  Again, a photographer’s paradise, the largest concentration of these houses are around Lipsi Harbor.  Many are shops therefore you can enter to view the cool interior.

Ancient Ruins

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Ancient Ruins

As you explore Lipsi Island you’ll pass a few ruins.  It has been occupied by both the Turks and also by the Italians during WWII.

Dimitris Farm and Vineyards

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Dimitris Farm and Vineyards

Dimitris Farm and Vineyard is a popular destination for WWOOFers.  They volunteer to work here on the organic farm.  If you’re not visiting as a volunteer, you may visit to sample some of the organic natural wine.  In addition, organic olives as well as fruits and vegetables are available.  Most importantly, the owner himself is very welcoming and will invite you inside for a chat.

Boat Trips

Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Boat Trips

There are 5 small islands which surround Lipsi Island.  They are, Makronissi, Aspronisi, Tiganakia, Marathi and Arki.  And yes, these islands feature beaches.  If you wish to visit, there’s a boat which leaves Lipsi Harbor each day at 10 am.  Visit the harbor in the morning and look for the Rena 5 Islands Cruise sign.


Things to do on Lipsi Island - Greece - Hiking

There is a stunning hike which you can take from Lipsi Harbor.  Simply follow the road to this point before taking the off road track on the left.  This track leads to the most impressive church complex on the island.  Afterwards, turn left and you’ll reach the most spectacular part once you pass Kimisi Beach.  Its final destination is Kimisi Theotokou church although you can continue onto the top of the hill.

How to get to Lipsi Island from Piraeus

How to get to Lipsi Island from Piraeus

Arriving in Lipsi is incredibly easy.  Simply book your tickets on Blue Star Ferries.  Direct services are available from Piraeus (Athens), Rhodes or Kos.

Enjoy your trip to Lipsi Island

With all the picture perfect beaches as well as the fresh Greek food plus the fact there are very few tourists means that Lipsi Island really is a paradise.

For more information on Lipsi Island, follow the official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.  Read about a traditional Greek cheese dairy on Lipsi Island.