Have you ever just sat back and evaluated your life thus far?  In evaluating your life, the true question to ask yourself is “are you happy?” If you’re like most people, you think you’re happy but you’re really just going through the motions of being happy.  So why are so many people walking around unhappy?  It’s because deep down, they know they haven’t truly lived.

“Living” is a way of life, not the aspect of breathing and blood pumping through your veins.  To live is to set your soul free, but all too often, we’re chained to one thing that is the source of all our unhappiness… what is our source of unhappiness? Our jobs.

Did you know that more than half of US workers are unhappy in their jobs?  Forbes reported these findings from studies conducted by four prestigious organizations.  So now the question is why are so many people unhappy?  A lot of people feel overworked and unappreciated, whereas others don’t like the fact that there aren’t any growth opportunities within the company… But do you know that most people would trade all that in if they had the opportunity to make money while traveling?

People love to travel but typically don’t have enough vacation time to go on the trips they want to go on or they just think that living a life of travel is too far out of reach for them, financially.  It’s perfectly understandable why people feel that way but the truth of the matter is that there is absolutely no reason to have that type of mindset or use that as an excuse anymore, especially the whole not being able to afford a life of travel aspect.

With the advancements of today’s technology, you have the ability to live a long life of travel.  The key is that you can’t just hop on a plane and start “living”… you have to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle… that’s the only way you’ll be able to live a life of travel.

What’s the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

In order to understand the digital nomad lifestyle, let’s first discuss what a digital nomad is.  A digital nomad is someone who travels the world and earns income by working online jobs.  So, as long as you’re connected to the internet, you can earn income from wherever you are in the world.

The actual lifestyle encompasses so many things… highs and lows, good times and bad times… just like any other lifestyle.  But because it is a lifestyle change from what you’re used to, it’s important to be aware of the changes upfront.

What to Expect From the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Gorgeous Views

As a digital nomad living the lifestyle, it’s going to be pretty unpredictable at times but a few things you can expect is to see beautiful places you never thought you’d ever see in your lifetime.  From the forests of Indonesia to the panoramic views of Persepolis and Acropolis Greece, the views of certain destinations are absolutely breathtaking.


During your travels, it’s also important to expect loneliness from time to time… this is completely normal.  Yes, you’re going to see gorgeous places and meet new people but nothing beats being around your loved ones.  But the good news about this lifestyle is that you’re traveling anyway, so you can always catch a flight home in between destinations when phone and email aren’t helping you get over being homesick.

Limitless Ways to Earn Income

This particular expectation is what people are most interested in because it’s the source of how you’re going to fund your travels.  This particular aspect is also the thing that people worry about the most because they don’t want to travel to a foreign country and run out of money… This concern is understandable but earning should be the least of your concerns, simply because there are tons of ways to earn as a digital nomad.  Everything from starting an online business to various freelance services, your earning potential is through the roof.  So it’s definitely safe to say you can expect to earn a good income during your travels.

In fact, take a look at the many ways you can earn as a digital nomad!

Earning As a Digital Nomad

Earning As a Digital Nomad

Build an Online Store

Building an online store is not only a great way to earn income but it’s also a great way to earn passive income.  You’ll do a little bit of work on the front end, as far as you investing the time to build and design your website… Many digital nomads use shopify.com, since they have an easy to use WYSIWYG website builder that doesn’t require coding expertise.

But once you’ve built your website and have products to sell, you can just start watching the income come pouring in.  The key is to determine how your products can meet the needs of customers and build a marketing plan from that.

Rent Your Home Out

While you’re on your travels, renting your home out is a great way to earn income, especially, if you plan on moving back in later on down the road.  The key to success with this earning potential is to make sure you find the right tenants.  You want to make sure they have steady income, can afford your rent price, and that they’re trustworthy enough to pay it on time.  Background checks and credit checks are highly recommended.

Work Remotely For a Company

Remote work is a job sector that’s growing at a rapid rate.  More and more employers are discovering that remote workers are a great investment in companies due to its high return on investment.  That aspect alone is proof that remote workers increase productivity levels, which in turn, results in more work getting done in less time.

Whether it’s finance or web design, you have a multitude of opportunities to earn steady income by working remotely for a company… you just have to look at your options.  Typically a basic Google search of “remote jobs” or “work from home jobs” will show you the results you’re looking for.

Freelance Services

Freelance services are a common way digital nomads earn income.  Whether you venture into writing or virtual assistance, possibly even teaching English online there is a great opportunity to get paid from things you’re already good at.  Small business owners take full advantage of freelance services because it’s much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee.  Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are great resources to find work in niche industries.