Once administered by Portugal, Macau is a high-octane city located on the South China Sea. It is renowned globally as a top-class gaming destination, but Macau offers a lot more to intrepid explorers. Visitors can sample a wide array of shows, entertainment, and nightlife in the city designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This unique destination draws on its multicultural heritage to provide a full calendar of festivals. Tourists will find state-of-the-art hotels and casinos to suit any budget.

Beautiful Macau aka Las Vegas of Asia

Macau is situated on the south coast of China on the Pearl River estuary and opposite Hong Kong. Besides fish, Macau has few natural resources, so the service sector dominates the economy and employs three-quarters of the workforce. Since the mid-1990s, the government has made efforts to diversify the economy by attracting foreign investors. Nevertheless, the financial mainstays of Macau are tourism and gambling. Macau is often seen as a playground for people from Hong Kong and mainland China.

Gambling was popular in China long before Europeans arrived. It was legalised in Macau in 1847 when the territory was still part of the Portuguese Empire. This was a strategic move to improve the area’s economy. Regulation started to occur in 1927, but a succession of monopolies largely held the casino and hospitality sectors. This all changed in 2001 when the Chinese government opened applications for gaming licences to countries around the world. Since then, Macau’s revenue from gaming has grown to exceed that of Las Vegas. In recent years, Macau’s gaming revenue was seven times higher than the US City’s. It is an international hub for global gaming enthusiasts and tourists. If you don’t have the time or the opportunity to visit the enchanting city of Macau, you can always sample some of the best casino action online. World-class online casinos will offer you exciting bonuses to get you started. But let’s see how to enjoy a free casino tour by using no deposit bonuses and cash out your wins.

Have a Blast Using the Best Offers

Macau is considered the Mecca of the gambling universe, and many online platforms try to provide its members with a nearly terrific gaming experience at least. They offer players various types of perks and bonuses, but no deposit offers are the most trending, as they are considered as a free entry ticket to the casino. So we advise you to learn how to claim the best cashable no deposit bonuses and make the most out of your online tour. Still, casinos in Macau are just one of this city’s main highlights. But rest assured, Macau has plenty to offer tourism-wise.

Things To Do In Macau

Gambling may not be your main reason for visiting Macau, but don’t worry; there are plenty of activities on offer once you get there. This is a beautiful destination, and if you want to keep it that way, you may want to look at making your trip as sustainable as possible. Travel will certainly broaden the mind, but it doesn’t need to affect the planet negatively, so you can take some simple steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Once you’ve decided on Macau as your destination, you need to figure out how to get there. Many flights arrive in Hong Kong every day from all around the globe. However, if you want to take an extended journey and see a bit of the world, you can also take trains from multiple European cities. Whatever way you arrive in Hong Kong, Macau is only a short ferry ride or bus journey away.

From 5-star luxury hotels to boutique inns and motels, there’s accommodation to suit every budget in Macau. Once you’ve settled into your room, you’ll want to explore the city. There are some experiences that you won’t want to miss during your time in this cosmopolitan city:

  • Historic Sites: Macau is alive with multi-cultural history. You can take in the ruins of the 15th Century St Paul’s Cathedral, considered to be Macau’s most famous landmark. The spectacular facade features intricate carvings made by Japanese monks. There are plenty of fine examples of Portuguese architecture and churches sitting alongside Chinese mansions and temples. The mixture of historical styles represents the colorful past of Macau and means you’ll find a surprise around almost every corner.
  • Bike Tour: Take a private, guided bike tour around Old Taipa and the Cotai Strip. Your guide will reveal all that the back streets of the old city have to offer before you cruise down the glittering Cotai Strip, where some of the best casinos are located. You’ll even have a stop to sample a traditional egg tart on the return journey.
  • Speciality Museums: Whatever your area of interest, you’re bound to find a museum that will hold your interest in Macau. You’ll find museums dedicated to Macau’s history in various areas like maritime, communications, and art given in 1999 for the handover to China. There are also some more quirky places like the Pawn Shop Museum and Tea Culture House. Many of the museums are free or priced to suit those on a budget.
  • Walking Tours: If you want to really get a feel for Macau, then a walking tour might be the thing. There are so many different areas of this city to visit. The historic centre of Macau is a great place to stroll around and take photos. Or visit the old Portuguese fort in Mong Ha Municipal park, which was built against the threat of Chinese invasion in the 19th Century. There are so many quiet little squares to stop and take in the sights that you’ll never feel bored in Macau. And, if you’re feeling hungry, pop into the historic food market on Rua da Praia do Manduco for a bite to eat.
  • Entertainment: Macau has its very own Eiffel tower to rival that of Las Vegas, with observation decks on the 7th and 37th floors. At night it is lit up with a spectacular light show. The Performance Lake features plumes of water and shooting flames that dance in time to classical music to deliver an enchanting show. Why not enjoy it from the SkyCab, suspended 28m above the Cotai? If you’re looking for something completely different and want to immerse yourself in the Macau experience, then visit the Cantonese Opera, which has a tradition dating back 300 years.

Macau: A Lasting Memory

Macau is a city where east meets west. The 300 years of Portuguese rule have led to a hybrid of cultures evident in every aspect of Macau life. From the cuisine to the architecture, the mix of styles creates something unique and special. The Macau peninsula is a blend of old and new, where Chinese temples sit on Portuguese tiles. The old city has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while reclaimed land has joined the former islands of Taipa and Coloane to create the renowned Cotai Strip.

There’s no doubt that Macau is an epicentre of gambling and glitz, but visitors will soon find out that there’s more to this area than casinos and luxury hotels. Once you’ve experienced a taste of what Macau has to offer, you might not want to leave. When you do return home, the memory of this place will stay with you for a long time, so take some time to ease back into your normal routines. And remember, nobody said you could only visit Macau once. If you didn’t get to see everything the first time around, you could always plan another trip.