A woman’s purse inside her daily bag, also known as makeup bag, is a very important item of her everyday life, more due to its usefulness and the importance of what’s included, rather than a matter of styling, regarding also the hours she is spending out of home in order to support her independent lifestyle.  Especially when it comes to travelling, that in one hand, the limited amount of space available in the luggage makes it obligatory to take very essential day-care and beauty products, and on the other hand the outdoor activities lasting almost all-day long in combination with the fact of ensuring safety and confronting emergencies in a foreign country, indicate a slight increase in the variety of the included items.

More specifically, a makeup bag of every woman on board definitely contains:

  • Personal Items: Items that exceed the level of essential, items that’s impossible to be excluded, and never are. Wallet or at least one of your credit/debit cards and some cash, an identification document (and your travel visa if applied), keys and of course mobile phone.
  • The Daily Package: Sunglasses, reusable bottle of water and your metallic straw,

a reusable foldable shopping bag, a compact umbrella, a pen and a small notebook, energy boost snack, hair pines and a hairbrush, wipes, sanitizer, personal medication (if required) pads and condoms.

  • Technological Gadgets: Experience has proven that the amount of time we use our mobile phones (camera, maps, data, etc.) make it impossible in most cases to preserve its battery for the whole day, or at least there is no need to risk so. A charger and/or a power-bank should not be left out of your daily bag, additionally to a pair of earphones. If you are using a digital camera to capture moments of your experiences, don’t forget your spare battery.
  • Care products: For this type of products, the list is kinda subjective, as its extent is related to one’s personal preferences, lifestyle, and specific needs. However, a compact mirror, lip moisturizer, a day cream as sunscreen or other face moisturizing products, night cream, serum and oils, masks, makeup remover, cotton pads, travel-size perfume, a small pair of scissors, toothbrush*toothpaste are the most important to be pointed out.
  • Beauty Products: Again the extent is subjective, though the prioritized items are the concealer, a lipstick or gloss, eyeliner, mascara and a travel size perfume or mist.

Self Defence: Being prepared to protect yourself and gain some time to ask for the appropriate help or run away, is not a matter of suspiciousness and untrusty towards the world, rather than a self-promise considering the existing cruelty and the increase of female violence. You can choose among a whistle, a self-defence keychain, a pocket knife, a pepper spray etc, just make sure that the item you chose is legally recognized as a weapon for protection use, in the place you are visiting.