Malaga is famous for its beaches and the nearby Costa del Sol.  But what is Malaga famous for apart from the beaches?  I explore the famous Malaga landmarks and top Instagram spots.

Bull Ring

Malaga Bullring and Sunset Spot

For me, the top Instagram spot in Malaga is taken from this viewpoint.  Even more so during golden hour when there’s some colour in the sky.  The colourful apartment blocks and aerial view into the bullring really make a special photo.  Lastly, if you do wish to visit the Bullring entry is usually free and there’s often an art exhibition in the hallways.


Alcazaba, Malaga landmarks

Granada, Spain is famous for the Alhambra and the Instagram spot inside Nasrid Palace.  Here in the Alcazaba of Malaga is a miniature version of the famous Nasrid Palace Instagram spot.  As a result, the Alcazaba of Malaga is a must visit Malaga landmark.  Moreover, as you stroll around the Alcazaba be sure to take in all the detailed Islamic architecture.

Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou, Instagram spots in Malaga

The colourful glass cube at Centre Pompidou is without a doubt a top Instagram spot in Malaga.  Visit during the day to catch the sunlight piercing through it.  Alternatively, catch the cube at night to witness it all lit up.  In addition to taking your picture at this magnificent Malaga landmark, why not visit the art gallery beneath it for more inspiration?

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral Inside

Have you been inside a Spanish Cathedral before?  A peaceful walk around the Malaga Cathedral will certainly be a pleasant introduction.  As there’s an entrance fee, peacefulness is maintained by fewer tourists coming inside.  Take a walk around and appreciate the attention to detail in every corner of Malaga Cathedral.  Lastly, yes you can take photos in here but dress and behave appropriately for a religious building.

Malaga Cathedral Rooftop

Malaga Cathedral Rooftop, Instagram spots

A visit to the Malaga Cathedral rooftop not only gives a rare view of the top of a cathedral but it also offers stunning panoramic views from within Malaga City Centre.  How many Malaga landmarks can you spot from the cathedral rooftop?

Roman Theatre

Roman Theatre, Malaga landmarks

Beside the Alcazaba is a Roman Amphitheatre.  As a result we can see Roman architecture with an Islamic Fortress as a backdrop.  What’s more, there’s also a glass pyramid beside this viewpoint which is certainly a top Instagram spot in Malaga.

Calle Larios

Calle Larios, Malaga landmarks

Firstly, I visited Calle Larios during the Three Magic Kings festival which is why there are so many decorations.  Calle Larios is certainly beautiful over the Christmas period.  Visit during the rest of the year and you’ll see fine Spanish architecture lining this famous shopping street.

La Equitativa

La Equitativa, Malaga landmarks

La Equitativa Hotel is a masterpiece located at the end of Calle Larios.  It also offers a wonderful view over Malaga Cruise Port and the park.  For this reason pictures with La Equitativa as a backdrop and pictures from La Equitativa are both top Instagram spots in Malaga.

View Picasso Artwork

View Picasso Artwork, Malaga landmarks

Did you know Picasso was born in Malaga?  We’ll talk more about that soon but first let’s mention the Picasso Museum Malaga.  Take a stroll around the museum as you take in the Picassoism.  Pictures are allowed in the art museum without flash.  Do not get too close to the paintings!

Picasso Birthplace

Picasso Birthplace, Malaga

After you’ve viewed some famous Picasso artwork why not take a tour of the house where he was born?  It’s located around the peaceful Plaza de la Merced in the centre of Malaga.  As well as viewing some of his early work you can learn all about the life of Picasso here in the Casa Natal.

Street Art

Street Art in Malaga

All the Picasso artwork in the home of Picasso has clearly inspired the local community.  As you walk through the streets of Malaga you’ll stumble upon plenty of fine street art.  This piece in particular will make a stunning backdrop for your Instagram photo!

Malaga Town Hall and Gardens

Malaga Town Hall and Gardens

Malaga Town Hall is an eye catching building surrounded by peaceful gardens.  These quiet gardens are a lovely place to take a stroll and perhaps take your photoshoot.  Finally, as you walk up the hill towards Gibralfaro Castle, Malaga Town Hall is a Malaga landmarks which will grab your attention.

Malaga CF Football Stadium

Malaga CF Football Stadium

Would you like to catch a Spanish football game?  Alternatively, take a Malaga CF stadium tour and take your picture with a blue and white Malaga shirt in the stadium.  No-one can argue the stadium looks impressive with the huge mountain as a backdrop.  Finally, if you decide not to visit because it’s quite a walk from the centre, the stadium is still a standout Malaga landmark from any panoramic viewpoint.

Palm Grove of Surprises

Palm Grove of Surprises, Malaga

The Malaga Cruise Port promenade has the palm trees of Malaga Park on one side with the port on the other.  However, it’s the promenade itself which is full of life.  As you walk along the promenade you’ll pass by restaurants, fountains, sculptures as well as plenty of street performers and buskers.

Monk Parakeets

Monk Parakeets in Malaga

Malaga is a town in Spain which has a huge population of Monk Parakeets.  Not if, but when you see a green bird flying and squawking overhead it’s almost certainly a monk parakeet.  The trees of the Malaga Park are a favourite hangout during the day for Monk Parakeets.  At sunset they come close to the Palm Grove of Surprises for a quick bath and snack.

Bishop’s Palace

Bishop's Square, Malaga landmarks

Bishop’s Palace and Square is adjacent to Malaga Cathedral.  This well kept example of Baroque architecture is a top Instagram spot in Malaga.  As a matter of fact, the majority of tourists can’t help but stop and take a photo as they pass by.

Malaga Museum

Malaga Museum

Malaga Museum is housed in the former customs house of Malaga.  If the museum about the history of Malaga doesn’t tempt you inside then the fine Neoclassical architecture certainly will.

Camino Mozarabe

Camino Mozarabe, Malaga landmarks

We’ve all heard of the Camino de Santiago or the St James’ Way.  Did you know there’s a Camino Mozarabe which starts from Malaga and continues all the way to Santiago de Compostela in the far North West of Spain?  You’ll see a few signs and pilgrim stops as you explore Malaga.

Santiago Church

Santiago Church, Malaga landmarks

Spanish cathedrals take pride in their models of Jesus and Mary.  Weeping Mary is a statue seen throughout Spain and in the Santiago Church there is a very detailed version of weeping Mary.  In addition to the crying Mary, Santiago Church has a host of interesting pieces and architecture and without the entry fee of Malaga Cathedral.  Read about Virgin Mary tourism around the world.

Malaga Lighthouse

Malaga Lighthouse

Malaga Lighthouse is an iconic Malaga landmark.  Even more so if you’re visiting Malaga on a cruise.  The lighthouse will grab your attention as you enter and exit the Port of Malaga.

Gibralfaro Castle

Gibralfaro Castle, Malaga landmarks

For me, the views from Gibralfaro Castle were more impressive than the castle itself.  As a matter of fact, you can see almost all the Malaga landmarks from Gibralfaro Castle.  That’s not to mention the mountains of the African continent over the water.

Red Squirrels

Red Squirrels in Malaga

I know people in the England will travel across the country just to get a glimpse of a red squirrel.  I saw several red squirrels in the woods on Gibralfaro Hill.  Other tourists who also saw the red squirrels were equally as excited as I was to see them.

Enjoy Your Visit to the Malaga Landmarks

Enjoy Your Visit to the Malaga Landmarks

There is a lot more to see and do in Malaga then you could ever imagine.  I’ve touched on several top Malaga landmarks and Instagram spots but as you walk the streets yourself, hundreds more beautiful places will grab your attention.  Take a few days and enjoy Malaga.

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