Ivory Coast has a bad reputation for overland travel so it’s important to choose your method of transport wisely.  I share how I traveled from Man to Yamoussoukro by land.  Not only did I make this journey safely in an air conditioned bus, but also in time to watch sunrise over the Vatican City of Africa.

Man to Yamoussoukro – Gare UTB in Man

Gare UTB in Man, Ivory Coast

Arrive early and buy a ticket for the next bus to Yamoussoukro.  In fact, you could buy your ticket in advance the day before if you have time.  When you buy your ticket you get a seat number.  However, when you board the bus it appears people just sit wherever they want.  For this reason, don’t pay too much attention to the seat number.  Most importantly, all UTB buses are air conditioned.

I arrived at the UTB bus station in Man at around 8 am.  After buying my ticket, I had about an hours wait for my bus.  People are very friendly at the bus station and will help you get on the correct bus.  As I stood waiting, other passengers saw I was a tourist and offered me coffee.  When your bus does start loading up, get in the orderly line to ensure a good seat.  Finally, I walked to the bus station as I was staying around the corner in the excellent value Hotel Leveneur.

How Long is the Journey from Man to Yamoussoukro?

Man to Yamoussoukro by land

If you run the journey from Man to Yamoussoukro through Google Maps it will tell you less than 6 hours.  However, if you’ve used Google Maps on previous journeys in West Africa you will realize this journey will be longer.  Nonetheless, the UTB, air conditioned bus drives on the quickest route and makes only a couple of stops at other UTB stations on the way (such as the city of Duekoue).  This will give you time to jump off and quickly go to the bathroom and stock up on snacks.  In total the journey will take around 9 hours, mainly due to poor condition roads.

Views on the Man to Yamoussoukro Route

Views on the Man to Yamoussoukro Route

There are lots of stunning sights to enjoy during this 9 hour bus journey, from jungle to river views.  Relax and enjoy the ride on the bumpy road in this air conditioned vehicle.

Arrival in Yamoussoukro

Yamoussoukro sunset

I arrived at the UTB bus station in Yamoussoukro, dropped my bags at a nearby hotel before walking to a sunset viewpoint of the Basilica.  The majestic sunset I witnessed was well worth the 9 hour journey from Man.  Thankfully, the next journey from Yamoussoukro to Abidjan is much smoother and quicker.

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