Millwall Stadium Tour - What is it like to take a tour of the Millwall FC Ground, The Den? I share photos of the stadium, the changing rooms, the VIP lounge, players tunnel and pitch side.

Millwall Stadium Tour – The Den

The Den is home to the iconic English football team, Millwall FC.  If you’re in London you may consider taking a Millwall stadium tour.  Reasons to take a Millwall stadium tour include;

  • You’re a huge Millwall fan
  • See the home of an iconic English football team
  • Receive a warm Millwall welcome
  • Enjoy a friendly, more personal stadium tour
  • Take a selfie in the blue Millwall double decker bus
  • Visit the official Millwall Club Shop

Visit the Millwall FC website to check the Millwall stadium tour availability.  Millwall are a friendly club who are quick to respond therefore I recommend you call or email them with any special requests of specific dates.

Millwall Stadium Address – How to get to The Den from Central London

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - address
The Millwall FC ground is located in Zone 2 of London therefore it’s quite central.  I was staying at South Point Suites, London Bridge.  As a result I was able to take a direct train from London Bridge to South Bermondsey Station which is a 5 minute walk away.  Alternatively, you can take the overground to Surrey Quays station which is a 20 minute walk away.  Additionally, you could take the Jubilee underground line to Canada Water station which is also a 20 minute walk from the Den.

Millwall Double Decker Bus

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - Double Decker Bus

When you first arrive at the Den, you’ll see the iconic blue Millwall double decker bus.  As a matter of fact, this is parked outside the stadium and you don’t need to take a Millwall stadium tour to photograph it.  Nevertheless, as you’re at the stadium, you may as well take the tour or check out the club shop.  The text on the side of the bus reads ‘Let ’em all come down to the Den’.

Home Team Dressing Room

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - Home team dressing room

One of the first things you’ll notice when you enter the stadium are images of lions everywhere.  Millwall gained the nickname back in 1899 when they beat favorites Aston Villa in the FA Cup.  The media called them, the lions of the south which eventually became the lions.  Before, they were nicknamed the dockers as many of their fans would load and unload ships.  When you visit the home team dressing room, there will be all the players shirts on display.  You’ll be able to take your picture with your favorite players shirt.  As well as the lush changing rooms, there are some excellent shower, massage and warm up facilities in these dressing rooms.  The away team however, do not have access to these facilities.

Away Team Dressing Room

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - Away team dressing room

The away team dressing rooms are small, plain, uninspiring with small bathroom facilities.  Millwall FC have an excellent home advantage even before their loyal fans intimidate the away team on the pitch!

Players Tunnel

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - Players Tunnel

As you walk down the players tunnel you know exactly which team you’re playing against.  The Millwall logos and lions are all on the players minds even before they reach the pitch with 20,000 Millwall fans chanting.  As part of the tour, you can take the famous walk down the players tunnel.

Pitchside and Dugout

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - pitchside and dugout

On the Millwall stadium tour you’ll visit pitch side as well as the dugouts.  You’re welcome to take your photo in the managers seat.  Another good location for a photo is with ‘The Den’ logo in the background.  Famous managers who have used these dugouts include, Mick Mccarthy, Dennis Wise.  Another interesting fact is that Claudio Ranieri sat here in what would be his last match in charge of Leicester City.

Millwall FC Ground – The Den

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground

The Den has a capacity of over 20,000 seats.  An interesting fact is that this was the first all seater stadium to be built in England after the Hillsborough disaster.  Before this, stadiums could have standing areas.  The south stand is called the dockers stand in honor of their historic roots with London dockers.  There’s also a Barry Kitchener stand named after the Millwall legend from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  I think a photo with the iconic ‘The Den’ logo in the background makes an excellent memory of your Millwall stadium tour.  Even more so if you’re wearing a Millwall FC shirt.

A Stadium with a View

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - Stadium with a view of the Shard

One of the most popular landmarks in London is the Shard.  From the Millwall stadium you can see the Shard.  This shows how close the stadium is to central London.  As a matter of fact, the Shard looks better from a distance, so you enjoy the view!

Millwall Stadium Tour VIP Suite

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - VIP Suite

If you watch a Millwall football match as a VIP supporter, you’ll gain access to the VIP suite as well as the best seats in the stadium.  On the Millwall stadium tour, you can visit the VIP suite and have a feel of this experience.  Be sure to look down as the carpet is a customised blue Millwall carpet which features the iconic lions.

Millwall FC History

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - Millwall Museum and History

In the VIP lounge is a huge board showing the history of Millwall FC.  In fact, I would say this is as close to a Millwall FC museum as you will get.  For those diehard Millwall fans, there’s a lot to learn about the history of Millwall.

Millwall FC Club Shop

Millwall Stadium Tour - The Den, Millwall FC Ground - Millwall Club Store (Lions Store)

If you take the stadium tours of the big English football teams you may find the club shop on the expensive side.  The Millwall Lions Store however, offers excellent value Millwall merchandise which is an extra reason to check out the store.  You could even buy some merchandise to wear during your  tour, this would really enhance your Millwall stadium tour photos!

Enjoy your Millwall Stadium Tour

Enjoy your Millwall stadium tour, home of one of the most iconic and historic English football teams.  You’re guaranteed a more personal and fun stadium tour here in comparison to the big London teams and stadiums.  Visit the Millwall FC website for contact information.

Take a West Ham stadium tour, Millwall’s biggest rivals.  Alternatively, visit Wembley, home of the England football team.