Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota.  What’s more Minneapolis makes up the twin cities with St Paul which is the state capital.  The Mississippi River runs through Minneapolis and you can walk over one of this rivers oldest stone bridges in central Minneapolis.  Those who are interested in religious landmarks will be interested in the oldest basilica in the United States.  Additionally, there are over 180 public parks and 20 lakes within the city.  Many Minneapolis streets are named after the US presidents and they’re lined up in the correct order.  As a result, if you know your US presidents then you shouldn’t get lost in Minneapolis!  Before we explore my favorite Minneapolis landmarks, let’s quickly use KAYAK to organise our Minneapolis trip.

Why Use KAYAK to Plan Your Minneapolis Trip?

Minneapolis is the biggest city in Minnesota.  Additionally, it’s also home to the largest shopping mall in the USA with no sales tax on clothes and shoes.  For this reason, Minneapolis can get very busy and hotel prices can vary greatly.  I recommend you use KAYAK to filter out the best hotel for your budget and location in Minneapolis.  KAYAK compares the prices of the hotels on multiple platforms to find you the best possible deal on your visit date.  Once your search is completed, you can further refine your search to find that perfect hotel.  As a result, with just a few clicks you can find and reserve the hotel room of your choice.  What’s more, this exact KAYAK comparison method also works for hire cars and flights.  Now, let’s explore the Minneapolis landmarks.

Stone Arch Bridge – My Top Minneapolis Landmark

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis landmarks

A historic stone arch bridge is something you’d expect to see in Europe, not the US!  In contrast, Minneapolis has the only natural stone arch bridge which crosses the Mississippi River.  Originally a railroad bridge, Stone Arch Bridge was completed in 1883.  Now, it’s a pedestrian bridge which offers lovely panoramic views of the surrounding Minneapolis landmarks.  Finally, look over the edge to see Saint Anthony Falls, the only natural falls on the Mississippi River.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a free attraction which spans 11 acres.  Perhaps this sculpture garden is the top Instagram spot in Minneapolis with it’s endless sculptures and pretty green spaces to pose in.  Lastly, the park is adjacent to the oldest basilica in the US.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Minneapolis Institute of Art

If you’re an art lover then you must stop by the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  The gallery features original artwork from some of the worlds most famous artists.  Here, you’ll find artwork by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Goya as well as many others.  What’s more, Instagram lovers will enjoy taking their snaps in such an elegant location.

Mill City Museum

Mill City Museum, Minneapolis landmarks

Mill City Museum rises from the ruins of the historic Washburn A Mill.  You can learn the history of the milling industry in the area as well as see the original equipment.  In addition, you get some stunning views as you explore the eight stories of exhibits.  Lastly, adjacent to the museum is the Mill City Farmers Market.

Target Field

Target Field, Minneapolis landmarks

Target Field is home to the Minnesota Twins baseball team.  The capacity is over 38,000 spectators so this place can have quite an atmosphere on game day.  If you wish to visit the game park you have two options.  Visit Monday to Saturday for a stadium tour.  Alternatively, check the game schedule and hope that the Twins are playing when you’re in town.

Walker Art Center

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis landmarks

Walker Art Center is a top Instagram spot in Minneapolis.  Here you’ll find endless rooms filled with contemporary art, traditional art as well as ancestral art.  Visit off peak to be able to explore these art exhibitions by yourself.  In addition, the Walker Art Center building is a Minneapolis landmark to admire in itself from outside.

Tallest Building in Minneapolis

Minneapolis landmarks

There are almost 200 high rise buildings in Minneapolis therefore it has quite a skyline to admire.  The tallest building in Minneapolis is the IDS building at 792 feet tall.  To put that into perspective, it’s the 66th tallest building in the country.  The second tallest Minneapolis landmark is the Capella Tower at 776 feet tall.  Thirdly, we have the Wells Fargo Center at 775 feet tall.  Due to the high number of skyscrapers in Minneapolis, the many parks of the city offer some stunning skyline views.

Minneapolis Skyway System

Minneapolis Skyway System

Minneapolis is home to the longest skyway system in the world.  As a result, you can walk around large parts of the city without stepping outside.  Visitors will greatly benefit from this during the cold winters!

Guthrie Theater

Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis landmarks

For theater performance in Minneapolis, I recommend the Guthrie Theater.  Adjacent to the Mill City Museum, it offers stunning views of the Arch Stone Bridge and Mississippi from the Amber Room.  Alternatively, buy tickets for a live theater performance and admire the royal interior.

Weisman Art Museum

Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis landmarks

The Weisman Art Museum is for sure the most Instagram worthy of all Minneapolis landmarks.  As a matter of fact, visually it’s the Minneapolis equivalent to the Guggenheim Bilbao.  It’s open Wednesday to Sundays and it’s located at the University of Minnesota.

Mall of America

Mall of America, Minneapolis landmarks

Have you ever heard about a mall with a theme park inside?  If so, it’s likely they were talking about the biggest mall in the US, the Mall of America.  Not only can you enjoy endless shopping but there’s no sale tax on shoes and clothing here!  If visiting Minneapolis is solely for shopping, I recommend you get a hotel as close as possible to the Mall of America.

Paisley Park

Paisley Park, Minneapolis landmarks

Who is the most famous musician from Minneapolis?  Prince of course, he made his famous Paisley Park studios and grew up here in Minneapolis.  Although Prince is no longer with us, it’s possible to visit Paisley Park.  This is definitely a top Instagram spot in Minneapolis for Prince fans!  Do you know the Prince song, ‘Uptown’?  this is about Uptown Minneapolis.

Foshay Museum and Observation Deck

Foshay Museum and Observation Deck, Minneapolis landmarks

For a panoramic view of Minneapolis from within the skyscrapers, I recommend the Foshay Museum and Observation Deck.  At 31 stories high, you really get the feeling of being within the high rises of Minneapolis.  As a matter of fact, you can see multiple Minneapolis landmarks from this viewpoint.

Lake of the Isles

Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis landmarks

To escape the city from within the city I recommend Lake of the Isles.  As well as offering park trails and a huge lake, this area is a well known birding area within Minneapolis.  What’s more, it’s often a good place to see a spectacular sunset reflecting in the lake.

Finally… Milky Way and Snickers

Milky Way and Snickers

Chocolate lovers will be interested to know that both the Milky Way and Snickers bars were invented in Minneapolis.  Why not treat yourself to one as you explore the Minneapolis landmarks.

Enjoy Your Visit to the Minneapolis Landmarks

Be sure to pick a hotel in the best area for your needs to explore your favourite Minneapolis landmarks.  Mall of America for shopping or somewhere close to the Stone Arch Bridge for sightseeing.  Wherever you choose to stay, KAYAK will help you find a great hotel deal.  I’ve only mentioned a select few of the things to do in Minneapolis, there are thousands more to discover for yourself.  Enjoy.

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