Here I share how to travel from Monrovia, Liberia to Man, Ivory Coast by land.  This journey is broken into 4 parts as there are no direct taxis on this route.

Monrovia to Ganta

Share Taxi from Monrovia to Ganta

The first part of the trip is by far the easiest.  Take a share taxi from Red Light Market in Monrovia to Ganta in the north.  This journey should take less than 4 hours on well paved roads.  Buy the front 2 seats for a comfortable ride.  There may be a couple of police checks on route therefore have your documents on hand.  Once you arrive in Ganta you’ll be approached whilst still in the car therefore get ready to haggle a price to the border.  Finally, if you’re heading all the way to Man in one day I recommend you take the taxi as early as possible.

Ganta to Liberia / Ivory Coast Border

Private motorbike taxi from Ganta to Liberia / Ivory Coast Border

So you’ve arrived in Ganta and it was a comfortable journey?  Things are about to change!  You must now take a motorbike 90 km east on unpaved roads.  As I mentioned, you’ll be approached while you’re still in the taxi from Monrovia about a motorbike to the Ivory Coast border.  This is what you want so you should agree but how much should you pay?  I agreed upon a price of $20 and the motorbike took me safely to the border in around 3 hours.

Ivory Coast Visa

Ivory Coast Visa

You need a visa in advance before you can enter Ivory Coast.  For this reason, you should get it in advance in Monrovia.  I got mine in 24 hours from the Ivory Coast Embassy in Monrovia with no fuss at all.  Simply be respectful and friendly when you make your application.

Liberia / Ivory Coast Border to Danane

Liberia / Ivory Coast Border to Danane - Private motorbike taxi

When you arrive at the Liberia side of the border you’ll be approached about a motorbike to Danane.  This is what you want so you should negotiate a price.  In addition to the motorbike, someone will help you with your bags as you go through customs and passport control on both sides of the border.  They’ll be very happy with a dollar tip.  Once through to the Ivory Coast, the motorbike taxi will take where you want to go in Danane  If you’re heading to Man they’ll take you to Gare de Man.  How much is the motorbike from the Liberia border to Danane?  Considering it’s only 32 km you should expect to pay around $10.  You could even consider hiring the bike all the way to Man which would be around $25 for the 105 km route.

Danane to Man

Danane to Man - Bus

The last leg of the journey from Danane to Man is around 75 km.  Therefore this route should take just over an hour?  Wrong!  With the poor quality roads as well as the bus continuously stopping this short drive will take at least 3 hours.

Enjoy the Trip from Monrovia to Man by Land

This is not the safest journey in the world and far from the most comfortable.  As a matter of fact the British Foreign Office advised against all but essential travel to within 20 km of the Liberia border in Ivory Coast so check your insurance.  Nonetheless, relax and enjoy the views along the way.

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