A hub for artistic expression with several marks of exquisite architecture, that has also been home for recognized artists of all types.  A chic and sophisticated style is the one that’s floating on the city’s vibe, a delightfulness that is reflected in the elegant culinary tastes.

And last but not least an one-of-a-kind vibrant romanticism, experienced through walking in its enchanting streets, charming parks and scenic riverbanks, that justify the sobriquet City of Love.

Yes! You’ve guessed right.  It’s all about our beloved Paris. Considering the above, that is just a brief description of the magic one living there can experience, we understand we tourists fall in love and why even someone would like to permanently move.

So, what’s right in the corner, after your own decision?

1. Linguistic Skills

What’s the reason that forced you to relocate? Is it to study, or to work, or some other reason? This factor, especially in the two first cases that might affect the teaching/working language, is determinative in whether you need to start French classes as soon as possible, or not.  After moving, it will sure be beneficial to develop this skill, but in this case there is no rush and strict timelines, you can do it on your own pace.

2. Housing

Accommodation has always been a high-demanding procedure, even more when your investigation is taking place online, and you rely mostly on others’ comments and experience.  If renting is one time hard, no need to talk about the difficulty level of purchasing a house or starting a business.  A professional property lawyer in Paris

Will provide answers for all your questions, guide you appropriately, and support you in avoiding fatal mistakes that will get you into trouble.

3. Finance & Health

It is mandatory to be provident about upcoming issues and ensure you have adequate coverage in the French Health system.  Do your research about all the needed requirements to apply and make your choice in between public and private health insurance.

Another important factor to take care of, is your banking identity in the new country.  Having a bank account in a Paris bank, will help you save money, avoiding excessive transaction fees.  Finances though, do not correspond only to this issue, but to a general investigation about the Parisian cost of living and the comparison to your own budget.  Estimate the standard expanses, as transportation cost and the average food costs.

4. The Sense of Belonging

Moving abroad or even in a different/bigger city that you were dreaming about a long time, has definitely been idealized and glorified.  Despite all the positive arguments, it is a challenging decision accompanied by an intense feeling of loneliness.  Hopefully, through social media and apps, you can look for expats communities, diverse or exclusively with people from your own country.