Dubai is the land that is known to be manmade.  It is the richest emirate of the United Arab Emirates that was made in 1971 after it got its independence.  This city never fails to impress the people with its beaches, ports, and even skyscrapers.  It is increasing in popularity with the tourists as well for the stunning attractions. In addition to this, Dubai has become one of the biggest hubs for businesses.  Though Dubai is a part of Emirates, but the religious prominence is less here in comparison with the other Saudi cities.  Hence, along with the mosques, you can even find temples of Hindus and churches as well.  In addition to this, one of the best things of the city is that it is becoming a crime free area as the administrative is pretty strict of the rules and regulations.

Top Natural Attractions In Dubai

If you are planning to visit Dubai, then you should know what all to check out here.  Keep reading as we come with a list of natural attractions that are must to visit.

1. Big Red

Big Red, Dubai

It is a huge sand dune that is near the Dubai city that makes it a great place for the scenic spots and the desert sports.  This place is in Al Badayer and is quite busy almost every day but most in the weekends.  You can come here for sand skiing, quad biking, and even dune bashing.  If you are an adventure enthusiast, then you can enjoy motor bike rides as well that are available here on rent.  You can hop on dirt bikes and quad bikes.  The red sand also offers a good spot for family picnics.  A short hike, biking, and too much fun can be experience here with your loved ones.

2. Wadi Ghalilah

This is a natural marvel that is known for the stunning mountain trains and beautiful dams.  There is a mountain climb here that is called stairway to heaven as it is keeps ascending about 2000 meters straight up.  Not all but only experienced climbers can go on the top.  In addition to this, you can even enjoy the Hajar mountain view along with a pretty valley at the bottom.  The place is also known for the honey and wheat production that attracts many tourists here.  If you are coming to Dubai, then you should come here for an entire day and collect wonderful memories.

3. Hatta

Hatta Dam, Dubai

Drive for about 90 minutes from the city and come to Hatta Dam where you can find the lovely turquoise waters.  The place is surrounded by the Hajar peaks and desert sands all around.  Missing a visit to this place can make your trip incomplete.  You can rent a car, come here and even enjoy canoeing and kayaking with your family.  The beauty of this place will leave you in awe and you can click a lot of Instragrammable pictures here.

4. Green Planet

Did you know that the city of Dubai has a forest too?  Yes, you read it right.  This place has over 3000 plant, bird, and animal species.  You will be surprised here looking at the exotic species.  This place is open for not only kids but for adults as well as everyone can enjoy here.  It can be a great picnic spot for families with children.  The Green Planet is a place a lovely place that can take you in a totally other world.

5. Al Qudra Lake

Al Qudra Lake, Dubai

If you wish to relax on the beaches and stroll around at the boulevards and keep sighting something new and fresh, then you should come to Al Qudra lake.  It is a oasis in the desert that has become famous for the locals and tourists who want to get close to the nature and enjoy the wildlife of the place.

So, if you think that Dubai has many places to offer then you should complete your India Dubai flight booking right away and enjoy a great time ahead in this beautiful city.  From nature views to adventure sports, from luxurious places to simplistic areas, Dubai can give you anything that you ask for.  So, wait no more and enjoy a great time here.!