New York City is home to endless famous landmarks, many of which double as top Instagram spots.  As a result, make sure you allow yourself as much time as possible to explore the New York City landmarks.  Additionally, bring a good camera with plenty of memory so you can capture as many snaps as possible of you in these iconic locations.  With countless movies filmed in New York City throughout the decades, you’ll likely recognise many of these landmarks before you actually see them for yourself.  Moreover, check out these New York City hotels.

The Vessel – My Recommendation

The Vessel, New York City landmarks

My choice as the top New York City landmark and Instagram spot is the Vessel.  Maybe you haven’t seen this landmark before but I highly recommend you take the time to.  From a distance it certainly grabs your attention but it’s when you get up close and view it from different angles you’ll see how special the Vessel is.  If you enjoy posing for photos you’ll find countless different angles.  Not to mention the views from inside which seem to frame the surrounding skyscrapers.  Alternatively, if you’re a simple photographer you’ll enjoy lining up the angles and creating those aesthetically pleasing shots.

Times Square

New York City landmarks, Time Square

Perhaps Times Square is the most iconic of New York City landmarks.  It’s appeared in movies and TV shows thousands of times which will give you a dejavu feeling as you walk through it yourself.  Visit at night to feel the full effects of the bright lights!

Statue of Liberty

New York City landmarks, Statue of Liberty

I would say that the Statue of Liberty is a close second to Times Square as the most iconic of New York City landmarks.  It’s located on Liberty Island which you can visit by boat.  Another important island with respect to the New York City history is Ellis Island which was the major immigration post back in the day.  Finally, taking a boat is a good way see the Statue of Liberty from different angles but why not take a helicopter ride to create that special memory!

Central Park

New York City landmarks, Central Park

A visit to Central Park will give you a dejavu feeling as this park has featured in so many movies.  In fact, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t seen Central Park in a movie or TV show before seeing it in person!  Due to its TV fame, Central Park is the most visited urban park in America.  Lastly, this is also where John Lennon was shot, any fans should look out for his memorial in the Strawberry Fields section.

The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum

New York City landmarks, The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum

9/11 was a tragic day in history which not only rocked New York City but the whole world.  Today, you may visit the Memorial and Museum.  At this location visitors will learn about what happened, the impact as well as honor the victims.

One World Observatory

One World Observatory, New York City landmarks

One World Trade Center is the rebuilt World Trade Center complex.  You’ll see the One World Trade Center standing tall from all over New York City because it’s the tallest building in both the city as well as the USA.  Additionally, you can take the elevator up to the 102nd floor for panoramic views over this megacity.  How many New York City landmarks can you see from the top!?

Empire State Building

Empire State Building, New York City Landmarks

When the Empire State Building was completed in 1931, it was the tallest building in the world.  This title stood until 1970 and today it’s become the 54th tallest in the world.  With all this history, New York City is synonymous with the Empire State Building.  King Kong famously climbed this building in the 1933 movie of the same name (and remakes!).

Radio City

New York City landmarks, Radio City

Radio City Music Hall is an important part of the New York City entertainment history.  Today, the venue hosts concerts, stage shows, media events as well as special movie premiers.  Regardless of whether you’re interested in attending an event or not, a picture outside the iconic entrance is a must!

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center, New York City landmarks

When visiting the New York City landmarks it’s impossible to overlook the Rockefeller Center complex.  As a matter of fact, the complex spans a few blocks and includes several buildings.  A popular activity in the Rockefeller Center is to ascend to the top of the rock observation deck.  From here you not only get an aerial view directly below but you also get an excellent view of the Empire State Building.  Lastly, if you’ve seen Home Alone 2, Kevin’s mum finds him at the end of the movie by the big Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza.

Chrysler Building

New York City landmarks, Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building has to be mentioned when exploring the top New York City landmarks.  Even if you didn’t know of this building, when you’re admiring the skyline it would certainly grab your attention.

Brooklyn Bridge

New York City landmarks, Brooklyn Bridge

For me, the top Instagram spot in New York City is the Brooklyn Bridge.  To be exact, the view of it from Washington Street in the Dumbo neigborhood of Brooklyn.  Once you’ve made your perfect Instagram shots here, walk along the bridge and create some amazing shots using the vast cables as leading lines!

Trump Tower

New York City landmarks, Trump Tower

Some would say Trump Tower is famous, others would argue, infamous.  Nonetheless, Trump Tower is an important part of the New York culture.  For this reason, I recommend adding it to your itinerary.

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building, New York City landmarks

If The Vessel is my favorite New York City landmark, then the Flatiron Building comes a close second so I’m finishing up these landmarks here.  This triangular shaped building is something you’d expect to see in Portugal.  To see such a building muscled in between the skyscrapers of New York is something spectacular to see.  For photographers like me, this building deserves plenty of attention!

Enjoy Your Visit to the New York City Landmarks

New York City is a mega city therefore there are thousands of landmarks and Instagram spots which you’ll discover as you walk the streets yourself.  I’ve given you a start, now it’s time for you to explore.

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