The heart of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, is a Caribbean city where any tourist can enjoy its beautiful beaches and a colorful city atmosphere that characterizes it.  Today, this fantastic tourist destination attracts thousands of visitors annually, mainly from the USA, Canada, and Europe.

In addition to spectacular beaches and nature, Playa del Carmen offers many attractions and activities for the whole family, which you can easily visit with a Transportation from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. During the day, this destination is undoubtedly fun and full of movement.  However, the nightlife in Playa del Carmen is a unique experience, especially for young travelers who love to party and have a great time with friends.

Playa del Carmen has a wide variety of clubs and discos that offer you a pleasant atmosphere, alcoholic drinks of your choice, lots of dancing, and even spectacular night shows that will make your night incredible.

The Best Nightclubs in Playa del Carmen

Most of the nightclubs and discos in Playa del Carmen are located on 12th Street between the beach and 10th Avenue.  Almost all of these nightclubs in the destination are open from Monday to Sunday.  There are many options for all tastes, from beach clubs with a more tropical atmosphere to more elegant and exclusive discotheques.

Here are some of the best nightclubs in the area so you can plan your next visit to one of them and have a spectacular time.

Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen

The Best of Nightlife in Playa del Carmen

Coco Bongo is a nightclub that gets everyone dancing and drinking non-stop all night long; this place offers an unbeatable show, which has made it a very popular place in Playa del Carmen.

  • Location: 12th Street and 10th Avenue.
  • Cover: From $550 MXN (28 USD) with open bar.


Mandala is a very exclusive nightclub with a very aesthetic decoration.  It has 3 different spaces, each with a different style of music.  It is considered one of the most expensive clubs compared to other popular nightclubs.

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  • Location: 12th Street and 1st Avenue.
  • Cover: From $799 (40 USD).

Coco Maya

The Coco Maya beach club offers several spaces with different music, from electronic to R & B. Here, you will find a dance floor on the sand under a giant palapa.  It has a relaxed and quiet atmosphere; you can even enjoy an incredible sunrise on the beach.

  • Location: 12th Street and beach.
  • Cover: Men only, from 998 MXN (50 USD).

Blue Parrot

The Blue Parrot is an excellent reference to the playa del Carmen night.  This beach club offers a less electronic music selection.  However, the club has good animation, and you can even find a fire show. Its decoration is very original, and the party atmosphere never ends; you will even have the advantage of spending the whole night dancing and enjoying the sunrise from the beach.

  • Location: 12th Street and the beach.
  • Cover: From $150 MXN (8 USD).

La Santera

The Best of Nightlife in Playa del Carmen

La Santera has an eclectic and retro Mexican atmosphere, but above all, quite relaxed.  It has an air-conditioned area, as well as a terrace.  This is undoubtedly a great place to end the night and have a good time with friends.

  • Location: 12th Street and 10th Avenue.
  • Cover: No cover before 1 am.


Palazzo is one of the newest nightclubs in Playa del Carmen and one of the best set up.  It has music of the moment and an entertainer to liven up the night.  It is also considered one of the leading nightclubs of the night, with a very exclusive atmosphere.

  • Location: 12th Street, between 5th and 10th Avenue.
  • Cover: No cover.

La Mezcalina

La Mezcalina is one of the cheapest and most visited nightclubs by locals.  It is an excellent place to drink good mezcal and dance to the rhythm of electronic music.

  • Location: 12th Street, between 1st Avenue and Beach.
  • Cover: No cover.

Grand Mambo Cafe

At Grand Mambo Cafe, the good times never end.  Ideal to go dancing with friends to tropical music all night long.  This is an iconic place where everyone should go if they are nearby.

  • Location: Centro Maya.
  • Cover: Friday open bar from $160 MXN (8 USD).

How to Get Around to Visiting These Sites?

As a traveler, there are several ways to get to these and many other places in the Riviera Maya quickly and directly.  Using a car rental is the most advisable for those who wish to travel freely around Playa del Carmen.  However, this option may be less feasible when visiting a nightclub because of the alcohol issue.

If you used a Shuttle from Cancun to Playa del Carmen , you can resort to this service to get around the city.