As the biggest major river in Africa and the longest river in the world, the Nile is a spectacular natural wonder that’s more than worthy of any holiday bucket list.  Stretching more than 4,000 miles from Cairo to Luxor and covering 11 countries including Egypt, Ethiopia and Kenya, the majestic River Nile is the perfect setting for guided Egypt tours by boat.  If you’re thinking of taking a cruise on the Nile this year, don’t miss out on these must-see locations along the way:


Cairo is the bustling capital of Egypt and the largest city in the country.  This iconic holiday destination is the perfect place to start your river cruise and is packed with tourist-friendly attractions including the Saqqara Step Pyramid (the Pyramid of Djoser) and Memphis, the original capital of Old Cairo. Of course, no trip to Cairo would be complete without a trip to see the Pyramids and Sphinx, as well as the sacred treasures of Tutankhamun at the Egyptian Museum.  The Great Pyramids of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – and the only one that still stands today.

Tel el Amarna

Tel el Amarna sits on the east bank of the Nile and is the site of the ruins and tombs of the ancient city of Akhenaton.  The city was previously home to the Pharoah Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti, who started a cult dedicated to the Sun God Aton.  The site of this Ancient Egyptian city has been carefully excavated and is now open to visitors searching for archaeological relics.

El Balyana

Further along on the west bank of the Nile you’ll find another ancient Egyptian gem – Abydos.  Located nearby to the modern town of El Balyana, Abydos was once a grand necropolis for Egyptian royalty.  It remains to this day the holy city of Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Dead. There is plenty to see and do here, from the famed Temple of Seti to the magnificent tombs which date back nearly 3,000 BC! El Balyana is an unmissable stop if you’re taking a cruise on the River Nile this year.


While Luxor may be one of the most famous modern cities in Upper Egypt, it’s also home to an array of ancient wonders and is amongst the oldest inhabited cities in the world.  If you’re looking for a touch of modernity to contrast with historic education on your Nile tour, this versatile location could be just the ticket.  Attractions of particular interest include the Valley of the Kings, the site of the Theban Necropolis and the iconic images of Cleopatra and her son which can be found at the famous Temple of Hathor.