As Hippocrates once said, walking is man’s best medicine.  The issue with the modern world is that it’s removed a lot of walking from our lives, making long-walks something of an enthusiast’s hobby.  With its wide range of benefits, from our health to our travel experience, there is a good case to put forward that some trips should be on-foot only.

Walking Holidays Packages

There are companies around the world that provide walking holiday packages that include detailed routes and pre-booked accommodations.  These packages are a good springboard when getting into hiking and walking travel, as they allow travellers to focus on the journey without logistical hassles.

Popular destinations include the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Cotswolds in England, American Discovery Trail and the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps.  These packages cater to various fitness levels, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all walkers.

Daily Distances and Long-term Travel

On average, a person can walk 15-20 miles per day, depending on fitness level and terrain.  Over a week, this equates to approximately 100-140 miles, and over a month, one can cover around 400-600 miles.

Such distances enable walkers to cover entire countries or regions on foot.  To walk coast to coast, for example, without using any other transport can leave you with a connection to that place, knowing you’ve conquered every blade of grass.  For perspective, Naples (east coast) to Parco Nazionale del Gargano (west coast) is only just over 100 miles, meaning you can walk the width of Italy in well under a week.  In just a week, you could walk by various Roman ruins, a world-famous city, and two national parks.

Benefits of Walking

Travelling by foot undoubtedly allows for a deeper connection with the environment.  Walkers can appreciate the subtle details, taking time to take in the smells, slow changes in environment (cultural, historical, or geographical), and interact with locals along the way.

Driving, while more time-efficient, can often lose the purpose of the travel experience itself.  To drive is often to fast-forward to a destination, but the countryside paths and hiking trails are just as worthy destinations in and of themselves (but, there can still be a clear goal of reaching a famous site or city, too).

It’s also a an eco-friendly mode of travel, reducing our carbon footprints.  This may not seem like much when it’s just us, but when factoring in the sheer amount of visitors that many places receive, and the stress it can put on local traffic and pollution, it’s certainly a more conscious way to see the world.

It’s also great for our cardiovascular health of course, and mental well-being, as we get back in touch with how we once travelled for 99.99% of our existence.  Many people claim to have fixed their back, neck and other physical problems through walking, as it helps naturally re-align our bodies from the damaging posture we withstand in a day-to-day office.

Enjoy Your Only By Foot Adventures!

Heading off on a walking holiday doesn’t mean you will see less; it very often means you’ll see more.  Not only in our minute-to-minute experience that is more mindful, but we can walk across entire countries in the space of a week.