Remember, before we start this blog.  As you scroll down you may think I’ve collected a beautiful photos of a tourist attraction.  However, Centro Paolo VI is in fact a palace hotel which you can book and stay in whenever you wish.  Not only this, Centro Paolo VI is one of the best value hotels you’ll find anywhere in the world.  Consider this palace your home to explore Brescia from.

Grand Staircase

Grand Staircase at Centro Paolo VI

Just around the corner from reception and check in is one of Brescia’s top Instagram spots.  The grand staircase of Centro Paolo VI Brescia.  Tourists flock to take their picture at grand staircases around the world from Paris Opera to the Spanish Stairs in Rome.  Although the grand staircase of Centro Paolo VI Brescia is not as well known, it’s certainly as charming.  Moreover, you’ll be able to pose for pictures at your own pace here without the disturbance of other people.

Baroque Ceiling with Chandelier

Baroque Ceiling with Chandelier

Looking up from the grand staircase is an intricately designed ceiling which features an ornate chandelier.  Have you ever stayed in a hotel which features a ceiling like this before?  I can only think of palaces, castles and tourist attractions which have such features.  Certainly, I’ve never seen such an elegant ceiling in a location I’m able to stay overnight in.

Top Instagram Spot at Centro Paolo VI

Top Instagram Spot at Centro Paolo VI

Posing for photos at the top of the grand staircase will create some wonderful memories of your stay in Brescia.  In fact, it would be difficult to find a more beautiful spot in Brescia to take your photo!  Ladies, bring a selection of colourful dresses to pose in as you gaze at the chandelier.

Centro Paolo VI Gardens

Centro Paolo VI Gardens, Brescia

Centro Paolo VI palace hotel in Brescia features large interior gardens.  Firstly, this green area within the hotel grounds offers a wonderful area to relax in nature.  Secondly, the gardens are another top photo spot in the hotel.  Take your picture with greenery and the cloisters as a background.

Grand Hallways

Grand Hallways at Centro Paolo VI

Maybe you’re walking to your hotel room?  Maybe you’re heading to breakfast in the morning?  Alternatively, you may be on your way out to explore the Brescia landmarks?  As you make your way through the hotel be sure to admire the grand hallways.  Not only are these hallways incredibly photogenic but they also look out into the large green spaces the hotel offers.

Historic Paintings

Historic Paintings at Centro Paolo VI, Brescia

As you explore Italy and its art museums you’ll discover many historic paintings with a biblical theme.  Centro Paolo VI has a few historic paintings on display which you’ll see as you walk about the property.  Hotel guests are welcome to sit down and relax in these surreal settings.  As a matter of fact, why not enjoy an Italian espresso to enhance the moment!

Covered Walkway to the Church

Covered Walkway to the Church, Centro Paolo VI Brescia

An elegant covered walkway extends the cloisters to the church which is located in the centre of the Centro Paolo VI complex.  You may simply stroll from hotel reception to the church.  On the other hand, you could capture this beautiful moment on camera.

Church at Centro Paolo VI

Church at Centro Paolo VI

Whether you’re religious or not, the church at Centro Paolo VI will impress you.  Those who appreciate attention to detail could spend quite a lot of time in the church admiring the artwork.  In addition to the ceiling photographed above, the stained glass windows will also catch your attention.

Buffet Breakfast

Buffet Breakfast at Centro Paolo VI

The grand staircase is not the only place you’ll find a chandelier.  A breakfast buffet is served throughout two palatial rooms.  As a result, you can sit and enjoy breakfast like royalty.  What’s more, the breakfast buffet selection will almost certainly satisfy your needs.

Al Fresco Buffet Breakfast

Al Fresco Dining at Centro Paolo VI, Brescia

As an alternative to buffet breakfast in the palatial rooms, al fresco is also available.  Sit outside in the fresh air surrounded by greenery.

Room with Garden View

Room with Garden View at Centro Paolo VI

Although I was staying in Brescia city centre, I woke up with a peaceful garden view each morning.  Centro Paolo VI is certainly a peaceful oasis within the city centre and I was able to see robins, blackbirds and sparrows from my window.

Enjoy Your Stay in Centro Paolo VI and Brescia

Brescia Landmarks

With Centro Paolo VI as your base you’re able to explore the Brescia landmarks on foot.  Brescia Cathedrals, Brescia Castle, Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, Capitolium and Brescia Clock Tower are all a short walk from the hotel.  Additionally, with the convenient train network you can easily visit Milan, Bergamo, Lake Garda and Verona on day trips.  What’s more, with the large free parking area at Centro Paolo VI, it’s a convenient stop for your Italian road trip.

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