Dive into the heart of 1969’s high society with the mesmerizing Apple TV+ series, “Palm Royale.”  While it transports viewers to the glamorous world of Palm Beach, Florida.  In contrast, the actual Palm Royale filming locations weave through the scenic landscapes of California.  This article is your guide to exploring the stunning settings that backdrop the complex narratives of the show’s elite characters.  The likes of Kristin Wiig, Laura Dern, and Carol Burnett.  Now, let’s discover where was Palm Royale filmed:

The Fictional Yet Iconic Palm Royale Country Club

The Fictional Yet Iconic Palm Royale Country Club

Is the Palm Royal a real place?  Central to the series is the exclusive Palm Royale country club, a symbol of luxury and intrigue.  While set in the opulent realms of Palm Beach.  In fact, the aerial shots lending grandeur to the Palm Royale’s property come from the real-life Bath & Tennis Club in Palm Beach, Florida.  This pivot to California for Palm Royale California filming locations underscores the creative magic behind the series.  Notably, the entrance showcased is none other than Los Angeles‘ Bel-Air Bay Club, marking a significant spot in Palm Royale filming locations.

Norma’s Estate: Palm Royale Filming Location

Norma's Estate: A California Gem

Carol Burnett’s character, Norma, resides in a majestic villa in South Pasadena.  Always known in the show as “Villa Coxxy South Pasadena.”  The estate’s design, reminiscent of Florentine palaces, offers a visual spectacle that brings Renaissance flair to the series.  Moreover, the vibrant interiors and lush exteriors of Norma’s estate are pivotal in the series.  Highlighting the meticulous attention to detail in crafting the show’s visual narrative.

A Confluence of Time and Place

Palm Royale cleverly melds the allure of 1969 Palm Beach as a Palm Royale filming location.  Additionally, it adds the versatility of California landscapes, offering viewers a unique visual experience.  Indeed, the series not only features a stellar cast including Kristin Wiig, Laura Dern and Carol Burnett.  Moreover, it also showcases the rich tapestry of historical and contemporary settings.  Settings across exclusive country clubs in TV shows as well as grand estates like Villa Coxxy.

As Palm Royale unfolds its layered stories on Apple TV+, it invites audiences into a world where luxury, drama, and history intertwine.  As a result, The Palm Royale filming locations not only serve as a backdrop.  But also as a character in their own right, enriching the narrative and captivating the audience.

Enjoy Visiting the Palm Royale Filming Locations

Whether you’re drawn to the intrigues of high society.  Alternatively to the architectural beauty, or the star-studded cast, Palm Royale is a must-watch.  The series stands as a testament to the magic of television production.  Transforming historical dramedy series locations into windows to the past, embellished with the charm and elegance of their real-world counterparts.

Join the journey through the lavish life of Palm Beach’s elite, beautifully reimagined through the lens of Palm Royale.  With each episode, the series not only tells a compelling story but also showcases the beauty and diversity of its chosen filming locations, making Palm Royale a pinnacle of visual storytelling in modern streaming television.

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