One of the most widely-known ways to save money on travel expanses and make frequent travelling more probable, is to prefer booking flights at non high-peak hours, which means in most of the cases, early in the morning, late at night, or even non-direct flights with short or longer layovers.  Although, in the majority of these cases, especially if you live in a near-by city, reaching to or leaving the airport could not be achievable with public means of transportation and a substitutional solution needs to be found.  In addition, if you are travelling with other family members, and especially if you have young children, it’s almost evident that abandoning the comfortability of your personal vehicle, is not high on the alternative plans’ list.

The most profound way is to access the airport by car and book a spot in the airport-parking.  This also makes you more flexible on your way back, whilst if planned correctly, the total travel cost, could still be a lot cheaper than booking tickets at high-peak hours.  Here are 4 tips, on how you can save money for renting a place at the airport parking.

1. Which Service is the Best?

Chances are, that there will be multiple options among which you can choose for parking your car for a couple of days.  Although, which one can offer you a value for money deal, corresponding perfectly to your needs? And how will you be able to discover it if not browsing through the companies’ websites, one by one, to make any comparison?

Did you know that exist online tools that make this procedure a lot easier for you, designed to facilitate your attempt to find the best airport parking on All the information you need to know, including price rates, distance and exclusive discounts, just with a few clicks.

2. Are you a loyal costumer?

If you are a frequent traveller, chances are that you will be rewarded for that.  Check for any rewarding benefits offered by your flying company, if there is one you fly the most with, or even by the airport.  A deal in collaboration with one of the closest parking areas, is waiting for you just around the corner.

3. How Important is Distance for you?

If your travelling hours are not the most inconvenient out of all, you can definitely ask from a close person, to give you a ride to the airport, covering of course the petrol expanse or any toll costs.  Thus, as it’s more likely that you need your own vehicle, explore the possibility of preferring a parking service that is not that much close to the airport.  Off-site parking come undoubtedly with more favourable prices and competitive deals.  If your only consideration is what will happen next, we have to inform you that these companies, are prepared to substitute the distance disadvantage by offering a shuttle-bus ride to reach the airport.

4. When technology gives you a hand, again

Some services have their own mobile app, for making your booking process even easier.  Besides convenience, in this way you might discover exclusive in-app discounts or flash sales, while still having access to useful information, like the loyalty programme.