Day 15 is the final stage of the Pennine Way.  On the map, stage 15 is a short 15 mile walk from Windy Gyle to Kirk Yetholm.  However, in reality it’s one of the most difficult stages with lots of ups and downs.  Highlights of stage 15 include stunning views as you pass through the Cheviots and down to Kirk Yetholm.  Additionally, once you arrive in Kirk Yetholm you’ll receive a certificate and complimentary beverage at the Border Hotel.

Yearning Saddle Refuge Hut

Sunrise in the Cheviots - Pennine Way

I spent my last night on the Pennine Way at the Yearning Saddle Refuge Hut just short of Windy Gyle.  As a result, I was able to wake up early and witness a majestic sunrise within the peace of the Cheviots.

Windy Gyle

Windy Gyle - Pennine Way Stage 15

The day starts with a paved path alongside the England Scotland border.  You are on the English side of the border but will criss-cross over it through your final day of the Pennine Way.

Stunning Views in the Cheviots

Pennine Way Final Stage - The Cheviots Views

Many stunning views will open up to you as you walk over the Cheviots.  On the day I passed through I was almost in the clouds.  Fortunately, I was still able to see the beautiful valley views beneath them.  It’s views like this which make you a little sad it’s the last day of the Pennine Way

Wild Goats in the Cheviots

Wild Goats in the Cheviots - Pennine Way

When I was heading into the Cheviots during the Pennine Way Stage 14, I saw a few mountain goats in the evening.  Today, early morning, there were several more mountain goats grazing beside the Pennine Way route.  These feral goats have a wild existence up here in the Cheviots, as I did camping up here last night!

The Cheviot – Extinct Volcano

Pennine Way Final Stage - The Cheviot

It’s possible to make a detour from the Pennine Way and reach the summit of the Cheviot.  The Cheviot is the highest peak in the Cheviots and the whole range is named after it.  Did you know that the Cheviot is an extinct volcano?  The total height is 815 meters but as we’re already in the hills it’s only a 250 meter rise from the Pennine Way.  I decided not to take the detour as the summit was in the clouds as I passed.

Ups and Downs Through the Cheviots

Ups and Downs in the Cheviots

Once you pass by the Cheviot peak it’s time to head towards Kirk Yetholm and finish the Pennine Way.  On the map, this is a short walk of a few miles.  However, in reality this is the hilliest part of the Pennine Way.  It seems there are endless ups and downs before you reach your final destination.  Fortunately, due to the paved paths, both wayfinding and lack of bogs make it a pleasant walk.

Waterfalls and Valleys

Waterfalls and Valleys - The Cheviots

As I turned away from the Cheviot peak and headed towards Kirk Yetholm I witnessed some of the most stunning views of the whole Pennine Way.  Did they save the best until last?

Heading into Kirk Yetholm

Final Part of the Pennine Way

After descending from the Cheviots the Pennine Way joins a country road which leads into Kirk Yetholm.  This is the very last section of the Pennine Way and some good pub food awaits you!

Kirk Yetholm

The Border Hotel - End of the Pennine Way

Where is the official end of the Pennine Way?  At the Border Hotel in Kirk Yetholm.  Not only does this mark the official end of the Pennine Way but they will also gift you a half pint of beer as well as a certificate that you’ve completed the walk.  Make sure to take your souvenir photo under the ‘End of the Pennine Way’ sign.

Pub Dinner at the Border Hotel

Pub Dinner at the Border Hotel - Pennine Way

I can’t think of anything better than a pub meal after walking through not only the Cheviots but the whole of the Pennine Way!  I’m sure anyone who’s completed the Pennine Way is more than ready for at least one delicious hot meal.

Bed and Breakfast at the Border Hotel

Bed and Breakfast at the Border Hotel

After walking the Pennine Way I’m sure you’ve earned the right to a comfortable night at the Border Hotel in Kirk Yetholm.  Take a bath and relax before heading down the next morning for a huge traditional Scottish breakfast.

What Next?  Scottish National Trail

Scottish National Trail

Was the Pennine Way challenging enough for you?  Do you feel like there is more walking in you?  Why not try the 470 mile Scottish National Trail from Kirk Yetholm to Cape Wrath in the far north of Scotland?

Interested in the Pennine Way?  Try Stage 1, Edale to Crowden.