Things to do in Piran Slovenia including Tartina Square, town walls, church, campanile, restaurants, piran salt and a walk to Portoroz. #piran #slovenia

Things to do in Piran

Piran is a Medieval town on the Istrian peninsula of Slovenia.  It’s often referred to as Little Venice.  Things to do in Piran include;

  • Tartini Square
  • St George’s Church
  • Town Walls (and view of the town)
  • Piran Salt
  • Piran Harbor and Ferry Terminal
  • Promenade walk to Portoroz

There are a few places to stay in Piran but I found nearby Portoroz to be better value.  As well as checking the hotels in Piran and Portoroz, you should check out Kempinski Palace Portoroz.

 Tartini Square

The main square of Piran is Tartini Square.  It’s named after Giuseppe Tartini and features a statue of him in the center.  Giuseppe Tartini was a famous violinist born in Piran.  As well as offering views of the church, you can view the colorful houses of the square.  Additionally the houses often double as cafes so you can sit out and enjoy a coffee.  If you’re travelling to Piran with kids you may want to visit the Piran Shells and Snail museum.

St. George’s Parish Church

The St. George’s Parish Church is a short walk from Tartini Square.  The church and bell tower were completed in the 17th century.  An interesting fact about the bell tower is that it’s a replica of St Mark’s Campanile in Venice.  You can ascend the tower for a beautiful view over Piran and Tartini Square.  Additionally there’s a wonderful view of the town walls from the church.

Town Walls

Piran town walls

Although Piran is a small town, it has its own town walls.  The main reason to visit the town walls is for the amazing panoramic view.  From the walls is where you can take the postcard picture of Piran.  An alternative location to photograph Piran from is the church.  In addition you can photograph the walls from the church (above).

Piran Salt

Piran Salt

There are many restaurants along the Piran promenade.  These are the typical restaurants you find in Europe with outdoor seating areas.  What is special about these restaurants is that they season their dishes with Piran salt.  Locals say that Piran salt is the best salt in the world!  In addition you’re right by the sea, so the seafood is fresh too.

Piran Harbor and Ferry Terminal

Piran Harbor and Ferry Terminal

Piran harbor is located opposite Tartini Square.  When you arrive at the ferry terminal from Venice, you won’t have to walk very far at all.  There are 3 routes you can take from the ferry terminal.  You can go to Tartini Square, the church as well as town walls.  The other 2 options are the promenade walk either to Portoroz or alternatively around Piran.  The promenade around Piran is lined with restaurants which season their food with Piran salt.  In addition the Piran Maritime museum is located opposite the harbor.


Kempinski Palace Portoroz

For hotel Piran options I recommend looking at Kempinski Palace Portoroz.  Portoroz is a 40 minute promenade walk from Piran.  Not only does the Kempinski Palace Portoroz have better facilities than any hotel in Piran, additionally you’ll be staying in a palace.  Portoroz is also better connected to rest of Slovenia as well as Italy and Croatia.  When visiting Piran, it’s highly likely you’ll pass through Portoroz on the way.

Piran Slovenia Map

Locations close to Piran

Piran does not have a train or bus station.  To travel to locations around Piran you must take a bus from Portoroz.  Locations close by include, Ljubljana, Pula, Trieste and also Venice.  All these nearby towns are served by Flixbus from Portoroz bus station.

Enjoy your visit to Piran.