With the rise of Instagram photography, you may be inspired to visit one of these top Instagram worthy locations.

  • Cinque Terre – Italy
  • Cappadocia – Turkey
  • Dubrovnik – Croatia (Game of Thrones)
  • Colosseum of Rome – Italy
  • MI5 Headquarters – London (James Bond)

As you can see from the list, either incredibly colorful locations as well as locations featured in movies are popular to visit.

Cinque Terre

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The classic Cinque Terre shot.

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Cinque Terre features 5 villages built on cliffs overlooking the sea.  Additionally, the houses are incredibly colorful.  A combination of colorful houses steeped on a cliff overlooking blue water gives serious travel wanderlust.  Finally, an interesting fact is that Cinque Terre is so popular that they may limit the number of visiting tourists.


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Cappadocia has become one of the top Instagram worthy locations.  Originally, it was the colorful hot air balloons floating over the surreal landscape which grabbed your attention.  Nowadays however, it’s the hotel rooftops which girls like to pose on with the hot air balloons in the background.  Girls, make sure you bring a colorful dress which blows in the wind!

Dubrovnik – Game of Thrones

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Even if you don’t use Instagram, Dubrovnik often features in the newspaper due to its Game of Thrones connection.  Additionally, Game of Thrones fans like to visit the Kings Landing which is of course the fictional version of Dubrovnik old town.

Colosseum of Rome

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The Colosseum in the centre of Rome.

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The Colosseum of Rome was famous long before it became one of the Instagram worthy locations.  Those of us old enough may remember the famous fight scene when Bruce Lee fought Chuck Norris in the 70’s.  Today, of course we see it all the time on both Instagram and the TV.

MI5 Building, London – James Bond

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A short walk from @staybridgevauxhall – MI6 Headquarters – James Bond filming location, London 🇬🇧

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You may remember the MI5 Headquarters from the recent James Bond movie, Skyfall.  As a result, this London landmark is incredibly popular with James Bond fans visiting the British capital.

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