Holidays are back on but many people have decided to stay closer to home this summer with uncertainty still looming and restrictions in place.  If you’ve decided to opt for a staycation this summer, here are some ideas for a memorable break.

Planning a Road Trip

A road trip is a brilliant idea for anyone keen to explore, move around and experience all kinds of different types of holiday bundled into one.  From quaint villages and national parks to coastal gems and urban adventures, you can experience everything the UK has to offer in one trip.  Plan a route based on how long you want to be away, how far you want to travel and what you want to see.  It’s wise to draw up a rough itinerary before you head off and to think about where you’re going to stay.  From camping and hiring a motorhome to booking hotels, going glamping or renting an apartment or house, there are plenty of options to explore.

Cultural Experiences

If you love the idea of discovering ancient castles, wandering around galleries or visiting museums, you could embark upon a cultural tour.  From the UK’s best stately homes and oldest castles to contemporary galleries, landmarks that draw crowds from all corners of the world and famous museums, there’s no chance of running out of ideas or getting bored.  If you are thinking about visiting popular attractions this summer, check opening times and admission prices online and find out if you have to book or reserve a time slot in advance.

Beach Breaks

The UK may not be blessed with wall-to-wall sunshine in the summer or crystal clear azure waters but there are some beautiful beaches and stunning seaside resorts.  Beach breaks are ideal for those looking to recharge their batteries and escape the hustle and bustle.  There is an array of options available from lively camps and family-friendly traditional seaside haunts to luxury beach houses to rent and 5-star hotels offering rooms with a view.

Beach Breaks

Action and Adventure

For those who enjoy testing their mettle or experiencing a surge in adrenaline, an adventure holiday is a fantastic idea.  There are all kinds of activities on offer, including rock climbing and abseiling, zip-lining, assault courses, hiking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking, caving and water sports.  You can plan a bespoke itinerary, join organised tours or book excursions through agencies or tour operators.

City Breaks

City breaks are perfect for travellers who want to enjoy the high life as well as those who appreciate culture. Visiting cities enables you to explore new restaurants and bars, indulge in retail therapy, visit theatres, museums and galleries and get involved in local events, such as food fairs, festivals or concerts.  If you have plans to visit cities this summer, check details online to see what’s on while you’re there and book tickets for popular attractions.

City Breaks

Many people have decided to take the stress out of planning a summer holiday and stay closer to home this year.  If you’re looking for inspiration for a staycation, hopefully, this guide has given you food for thought.