What to see in Portoroz, Slovenia and how to take the bus to Pula, Croatia

Things to do in Portoroz

Portoroz is located on the Istrian peninsula, close to the border of Italy and Croatia.  Things to do in Portoroz are;

  • Portoroz Beach
  • Kempinski Palace Portoroz
  • Marina Portoroz
  • Promenade walk to Piran
  • Salt pans

I stayed at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz which is very good value, especially for a palace!  There are many Portoroz hotel options, but be sure to view the palace option first.

Where is Portoroz

Things to do in Portoroz - Where is Portoroz Slovenia

Portoroz is part of the Istrian peninsula in Slovenia.  It’s a short drive to the Italian and Croatian borders.  In fact the view from Portoroz is of the Gulf of Piran and Adriatic Sea.  At the opposite side of the Adriatic sea is Venice and there is a direct boat there from nearby Piran.  In addition you can take a bus to Trieste, Italy or the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana.

Portoroz Weather

The weather in Portoroz is pleasant all year round.  Off season is winter when the temperature drops to single figures °C.  A positive about visiting Portoroz in winter is that it’s quiet.  It’s likely you’ll have the promenade to yourself off season and restaurants will be quiet too.  Unfortunately it’s a little too cold to go swimming in Portoroz in winter.  However, Kempinski Palace, Portoroz has heated indoor swimming pools.  A positive about visiting Portoroz during the summer is that it does not get too hot.  The temperature often stays around 30°C.  The beaches are open and restaurants full during the summer months.

Portoroz Hotel

Things to do in Portoroz - Portoroz hotel

Kempinski Palace Portoroz is definitely the place to stay in Portoroz.  The main draw is to stay in a historic palace.  Additionally you can choose to stay in the modern annex, with access to the historic facilities of the palace.  As well as being able to swim in the Adriatic sea, you can choose to swim in both the indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  For those who love Instagrammable photography, you’ll have no problem filling up your feed with all the Instagrammable locations of the palace.

Marina Portoroz

It’s worth taking a walk out to the marina.  You’ll pass lots of restaurants as you walk on the promenade.  Once at the marina you’ll be able to make lots of reflection photos with the calm water.  If you’re arriving in Portoroz by boat, it’s likely you’ll moor in the marina.  It’s a short but beautiful promenade walk from the center of Portoroz.

The Salt Factory

Things to do in Portoroz - The salt fields

Many people ask the question, where is salt from?  There are many locations in Europe that harvest salt including Gozo, Malta and Tavira, Portugal.  In addition, Slovenia has its own salt fields.  The salt fields are a 40 minute walk from Portoroz (or short taxi ride).  You can visit a museum and view the salt harvesting process.  As well as viewing the salt fields, it’s possible to do a little bird watching.  I did not visit Portoroz for bird watching but around the salt fields I was able to photograph many birds.

Piran Salt

Things to do in Portoroz - Piran Salt

In Slovenia they claim that the best salt in the world comes from these salt fields.  The salt is called Piran salt as Piran is the municipality as well as the small town.  You can buy the salt in a few shops in Piran, in addition it’s for sale in the Kempinski Palace Portoroz.  In fact they have a salt themed cafe in the hotel.  Many of the restaurants in Portoroz use this salt on their dishes, be sure to ask!

Istrian Peninsula

Things to do in Portoroz - Istrian peninsula

The sunset from the Istrian peninsula is a special one, in fact it’s one of the best things to do in Portoroz.  You’ll probably make the walk along the promenade to Piran.  This walk takes around 30-40 minutes.  I recommend starting before sunset, as you arrive in Piran you’ll witness a beautiful sunset over the Aegean.  Once you arrive, you’ll be ready to enjoy food seasoned with Piran salt in one of the seaside restaurants.

Things to do in Portoroz – Walk to Piran

Things to do in Portoroz - Day trip to Piran, Slovenia

The beautiful promenade walk from Portoroz to Piran takes around 40 minutes.  Once you arrive in Medieval Piran, you’ll appreciate the colorful houses and views of the Gulf of Piran.  The famous postcard photo of Piran is an aerial photo of the buildings surrounded by the sea.  This Instagrammable shot is taken from the Town Walls and a visit to this viewpoint is a must.  Additionally, you get a decent panoramic from the church as well.

How to get from Portoroz to Pula, Croatia

Portoroz to Pula by Flixbus

The bus from Portoroz to Pula takes from 2-3 hours, Flixbus cover this route.  As well as stopping in Pula, the bus also stops in Porec and Rovinj on the way.  As always with Flixbus, you travel on a new bus with plenty of legroom.  In addition there is complimentary WiFi and chargers.

Pula to Zagreb to bus