Stags dos don’t come around very often therefore you want to organise yours well in advance.  What do you need for a good stag do and why should you go abroad?  Here are a few things you require when you go on a stag do;

  • Good Beer
  • Cheap Beer
  • Unique Entertainment
  • Sports Entertainment
  • Good Organisation

A Prague stag do guarantees all these forms of entertainment – and more!  Read on to discover a few reasons to choose Prague as your stag do venue.

Czech Beer

Cheap beer on a Prague stag do

OK, so if you choose a Prague stag do, it’s likely you’ll be drinking Czech beer.  Beer is beer correct?  Correct, but throughout Europe there are a few major differences in the beer you drink.

Cheapest Beer in Europe

The Czech Republic offers the cheapest beer within the European Union.  So how much does an average pint of beer cost in the Czech Republic? As of 2019, the average price of a pint of beer was just 75 pence.  Compare that to the average price in the UK of £3.10 and you’ll soon pay for your airfare on savings alone!  Lastly, the savings are even bigger when you consider the prices of drinks in UK airports as well as on the plane.

Best Beer in Europe

Does the best beer in Europe come from Czech Republic?  That’s a difficult one to argue.  You can argue however, that Pilsner beer actually comes from the Czech Republic.  As a matter of fact it comes from a small town down the road from Prague called Pilsen.  If they invented this beer then they must be pretty good at brewing it!

Booze River Cruise

Booze River Cruise in Prague

When tourists visit Prague they often take a river cruise along the famous Danube.  If you’re on a Prague stag do you may not be interested in taking a sightseeing cruise under the famous Charles Bridge.  However, change this to a booze cruise under the Charles Bridge and it makes for a perfect leg on your stag do.  In addition to the beer on booze cruises, other entertainment includes BBQ and also strippers.

Entertainment in Prague

Disco in Prague - Stag Do

Prague has become one of the European capitals of entertainment.  As a result, there are hundreds of bars and clubs.  What’s more, many of them are equipped for entertaining those visiting in large groups and most importantly, on stag dos.  It’s possible to enjoy a pub crawl through these bars.  As a matter of fact, you can even visit an ice bar as part of a pub crawl through Prague.  For those who wish for a more intimate form of entertainment, you can enjoy a VIP experience at some bars and clubs.  Obviously, organizing this through a reputable stag do company ensures your safety!

Sports Entertainment on a Stag Do

Maybe you want to do something unique and fun in Prague for your stag do.  Something that doesn’t solely focus on alcohol.  Prague is a city fully equipped for anything stag related and therefore you can organise special sports events including;

  • Bubble football
  • Foot darts
  • Human table football
  • Binocular football
  • Foot golf
  • Karting
  • Water Zorbing

As well as these popular activities there’s also the possibility to drive a tank!  A picture of the stag driving a tank would definitely be a memorable one.

Airport Transfer

With all the alcohol involved on a Prague stag do it would be a good idea to get an airport transfer.  It’s likely that your drinking starts in the airport and on the plane even before you arrive in the country.  For this reason, you want everything sorted for when you land.

Enjoy your Prague Stag Do

Be sure to drink responsibly!  With the cheapest beer in Europe you may be tempted to overindulge.  In addition to that, you’ll be with your male friends on a stag do so drinking will be promoted.  Enjoy yourself!

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