If you came here because you are thinking of traveling to the Riviera Maya and you need a Travel Guide.  This is one of the most famous destinations not only in Mexico, but in the entire Caribbean!

Beaches of turquoise and crystal clear water, fine white sand, palm trees, all inclusive hotels.  All incredible, and if that wasn’t enough, this region of the world is much more than just beaches.

Today we tell you everything you need to know to travel to the Riviera Maya.

The places we mentioned are included in what is called Riviera Maya, we will mention places close to this region and that are also in the Yucatan Peninsula region, such as Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

These places are visits that can be made whether you are staying somewhere in the Riviera Maya or you choose to stay in Cancun, for example.

What to see in the Riviera Maya?

While the area is famous for its white sand beaches and turquoise water, Riviera Maya is much more than just beaches.  From archaeological sites, to water parks, colonial cities, cenotes, nightlife, sightseeing, island tours, there is a wide range of activities to enjoy in this region of Mexico.  This makes it an ideal destination for different types of travellers, there is something for everyone!

Beyond the fact that no visa is required, it is of course important that you have a valid passport, a ticket to leave Mexico within 180 days, and proof of accommodation. We have also read cases in which proof of sufficient economic resources is required, although we were not asked for anything.

You will be asked the reason for your trip, which in case you are going to visit or on vacation will be “tourism”.  Having your flight and hotel reservations at hand, you should have no problem with this.

Travel insurance is not a requirement, but nowadays, given the current situation, we would not risk traveling without insurance.  We have even read that you may be asked for it at immigration.

Weather, when to travel?

Although it is often said that you can visit the Riviera Maya all year round, it is a reality that there is a season that is better than another.  This has to do not so much with the temperature, since in the Caribbean it never gets cold, but with the existence of two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season.

The season that could be called dry goes from December to April.  During these months there is less rain, and the temperature ranges from 24 to 30 degrees Celsius approximately, the heat is not so oppressive.  The months with less probability of rain are February and March.

The wet or rainy season is from June to October.  During these months, besides having more chances of rain, it is hotter.  On the other hand, it is during these months that the hurricane season occurs in the Caribbean, which some even extend until the first days of November.

May and November would be the transition months between seasons, intermediate.

That said, logically the dry season is the high season for tourism.  During these months not only are prices usually higher, but there are usually more people and less availability in accommodations and services.

During the low season, on the other hand, prices are cheaper, and there are usually fewer people.


Contrary to what we may think, Spanish is not the official language of Mexico.  There are 68 indigenous languages in the country.  Beyond this do not worry, as in fact the commonly spoken language is Spanish, so you will have absolutely no problem communicating!

Transportation: how to get there and how to move around

Beyond the possibilities of arriving by land or traveling by cruise ship, the most common way to arrive from abroad is by air.

Cancun Airport receives flights from many parts of the world, being in fact the second busiest in Mexico (after Mexico City), and one of the most important in Latin America in terms of transit and international flights.

Once you arrive at the airport there are several very good options for transportation, usually provided by private Cancun airport transportation companies that are certified by the WTTC.


This topic is very broad and there is a huge range of options, which will vary according to your interests, budget, travel arrangements, etc.  You can choose to stay in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum (city or beach), or for example in Akumal if you are looking for something quieter.

Hotels in Riviera Maya

We stayed at the Riu Playacar hotel in Playa del Carmen and we loved it!  To get to our hotel we used the transportation from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen, for food, the hotel includes food and drinks.  There is a very cosy spa and the common areas are quite lovely.

In case you are hesitating whether to go with an All Inclusive regime or if you are not sure what it is, we tell you that basically you don’t have to do anything, just arrive at the hotel and you will receive all the attention you need.


If there is one thing you are going to do on this trip, it is to eat!

If you are staying at an All inclusive hotel, you will obviously have a free selection of food and beverages.  There the options are almost endless and, depending on the type or category of hotel, they will even have themed restaurants or different types of food in the buffet.  From Mexican food, to fast food, to international food, there are options for all tastes.

Gastronomy in Riviera Maya

Beyond this, we recommend you to try some of the Mexican gastronomy in Tulum, as most of the seafood in this small town is some of the freshest you will find in the Riviera Maya, our shuttle from Cancun to Tulum was quite enjoyable, and even the driver recommended us the seafood restaurant Sabor de Mar, which despite being small, all its ingredients were some of the freshest I have tasted in all my travels.