Bike enthusiasts all around the world must be really excited since summer is here.  This means that they can finally go on fun bike adventures.  If this sounds like something that you would also like to do but you have no idea where you should go, we are happy to recommend 4 amazing routes to explore by bike this summer.

Before we go any further, we have to warn you that some cycling routes are challenging.  You should make sure that you are healthy and strong enough to explore them. Additionally, your bike has to be in excellent condition.  More importantly, you should have a bike that is made to support your unique body type and its individual needs.  A tailor-made bicycle from Fidusa can give you the comfort and stability you need to confidently ride or even race on different terrains.  The same cannot be said for mass-made bicycles. So what are some amazing cycling routes to test your custom-made bike this summer?

1. Loire Valley, France

France is one of the best travel destinations of all time in general. This is related to the fact that there is something for everyone, including cyclists who can choose among excellent cycling routes in France.  One of them is the Loire Valley, or La Loire à Vélo in French. Besides admiring the breathtaking route along the Loire River, you shouldn’t miss your chance to make a stop at charming villages, like Amboise and Tours, and taste local dishes.  This cycling route is part of the EuroVelo6 which connects the Black Sea with the Atlantic Ocean and allows cyclists to travel through many European countries.

2. Danube Cycle Path, Europe

One more European cycling route that is worth exploring is the Danube Cycle Path.  It is shorter than the EuroVelo6 but it also spans multiple countries.  Some of the countries that you will get to visit by following this route are Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany.  The majestic Danube river will definitely impress you with its natural landscapes and the fantastic cities that have been developed nearby.

3. Munda Biddi Trail, Australia

Australia is considered a stunningly perfect place to travel in summer, so the fact that there is an Australian cycling route that has made it to this list shouldn’t come as a surprise.  This route is for experienced cyclists as it is off-road and forces riders to go through forests and unspoiled areas.  If you feel that you have lost touch with nature, the Munda Biddi Trail knows how to bring you back close to it.

4. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, North America

The list of amazing routes to explore by bike would be incomplete without the Great Divide Mountain bike route.  Again, only experienced cyclists should embark on this journey.  This route was developed by a cycling association, and guides were created to help fellow cyclists to follow it.  It is a long route as it starts from the municipality of Jasper in Canada and finishes to the state of New Mexico in the United States.