Did you know Hannover, Germany is home to its very own version of the Gardens of Versailles?  I share pictures and explain why it’s a must see when you visit Hannover.

Herranhausen Palace

Herranhausen Palace

The history of this building dates back to the 17th century when it was a manor house.  Later it was converted into the palace for the Royal family of Hannover.  However, this palace was completely destroyed during World War II.  It was rebuilt at the start of this century exactly as it used to be.  Today, the palace houses a museum about the royal family.

Gallery Building

Gallery Building

Adjacent to the palace is the Gallery Building.  Originally, this was built to replace the Palace itself.  However, during the rule of King George III it was decided to upgrade the original Palace into Neoclassical style.  Nonetheless, for me, the Gallery Building is more picturesque then the Palace itself.  Lastly, the conservatory which joins the Gallery Building to the palace features a cafe and restaurant.

Golden Gates

Golden Gates Instagram Spot in Hannover Germany

For me, the reason the Gallery Building is more picturesque is not only because it’s colored yellow but also because it features a set of golden gates.  Dress well, as you can take a memorable Instagram photo here.  As a matter of fact, I’d put this as one of the top Instagram spots in Europe.


Orangery, Royal Gardens of Herranhausen

Back in the day, it was not possible to buy exotic fruits from the supermarket.  For this reason, the wealthier families had an onsite orangery.  They grew their own oranges as well as other exotic fruits.  Other famous orangeries around Europe are located in Tuileries Gardens, Paris and Rushton Hall, England.

Great Garden

Great Garden in Hannover

The Great Gardens are inspired by Versailles.  In my opinion, these gardens are much better than Versailles for several reasons.  Firstly, there are far fewer tourists and the entrance fee is much less.  Secondly, there are two majestic buildings here, both the Palace as well as the Gallery Building.  Thirdly, the golden gates are more picturesque than those of Versailles.  Finally, you can arrive here on foot using a royal path whereas in Versailles you must take an expensive train ride from Paris.

Attention to Detail

Patterned Bushes at Herrenhausen Gardens

As you walk through the Great Garden you must appreciate the attention to detail.  French gardens are famous for their attention to detail.  Every square inch is both carefully and logically planned.  Did you know in 2016 Angela Merkel showed Barack Obama around the gardens?  Additionally, David Cameron and Francois Hollande were also at the gardens.

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Panoramic Viewing Platform

Panoramic Viewing Platform of the Great Garden

To get a panoramic perspective of the gardens you can climb a viewing platform.  It’s from here you clearly see these are French style gardens.  During the summer months, the central fountain spurts water 80 meters into the air.

17th Century Staircase and Fountain

Staircase and Fountains at Herrenhausen Gardens

Adjacent to the panoramic viewing platform is a 17th century staircase and fountain.  As well as the golden gates, this is a top Instagram spot in Herrenhausen Gardens.  What’s more, there are in Roman statues decorating the structure.  For this reason, it reminds me of the Roman Baths in Bath, England.

Corner Pavilion

Corner Pavilion at Herranhausen Gardens

Even the far reaches of the Great Garden have special features.  Take a rest or pose for photos in one of the picturesque pavilions.


Statue at Herrenhausen Gardens

As you explore the gardens many Roman statues are on display.  Each one has been placed in a position to give maximum impact.

Statues in Hannover

Some statues are cheekier than others.

Red Squirrels

Red Squirrel

If you’re from the UK it’s unlikely that you’ve seen a red squirrel.  However, throughout Herrenhausen Gardens it’s highly likely that you’ll see several.

Seating Areas in Great Garden

Seating Areas in Herrenhausen Gardens

Take a seat and a rest on one of the many benches scattered throughout the park.  As you sit, nature will come alive around you.

How to get to Herrenhausen Gardens from Hannover – Herrenhausen Allee

Herrenhausen Allee

I recommend you walk to Herrenhausen Gardens from Hannover.  Simply follow the picturesque Herrenhausen Allee.  In itself, Herrenhausen Allee is a top Instagram spot.  Visit in winter when the trees are bare.  Alternatively, visit in Spring with the new blooms or Autumn when the leaves are all colors.

Enjoy your Visit to Herrenhausen Gardens

Herrenhausen Gardens

I recommend you give yourself at least half a day to visit the gardens.  That way you can walk down Herrenhausen Allee, explore the gardens as well as the palace museum.  Eat in the onsite restaurant or bring yourself a snack to enjoy within the gardens.  Most importantly, appreciate the attention to detail.  Every corner of the garden offers unique views, some quite spectacular.  Enjoy.

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