Firstly who was Saint Matthias the Apostle and why should you visit Saint Matthias’ Abbey?  Even for those of us who are not religious, we know Jesus had twelve apostles.  Furthermore, we know one of them was Judas.  Judas subsequently committed suicide and was replaced by Matthias.  Matthias spread Christianity around the Caspian Sea area.  Today, the tomb of Saint Matthias the Apostle lies in Saint Matthias’ Abbey in Western Germany and close to the Luxembourg border.

How to Get to Saint Matthias’ Abbey

Saint Matthias' Abbey - Trier Germany

Saint Matthias’ Abbey is a short walk from the center of Trier, Germany.  Consider staying at one of the many good value Trier hotels.  Alternatively, you can easily visit on a day trip from Luxembourg.  Lastly, as you would expect entry is free but be respectful as it’s an important religious monument.

Tomb of Saint Matthias the Apostle

Tomb of Saint Matthias the Apostle

When you first enter the Abbey it becomes quite clear where the tomb is.  As a matter of fact, this life size sculpture of Saint Matthias the Apostle lies directly above his tomb.

Close up of the Saint Matthias the Apostle Effigy

Those who are religious can pray and even touch the statue.  There are 3 large candles lit beside him which create a religious feeling.  Others can simply stand by the effigy  and admire the detail.  On a personal note, this life size statue reminds me of the Veiled Christ in Naples.


Saint Matthias' Crypt

Of course the tomb of Saint Matthias the Apostle is located in the crypt.  Did you know the Saint Matthias’ Abbey was not always devoted to this apostle?  The remains of this apostle were not brought here until the 12th century.  So what was the purpose of the abbey before then?  It was known as Saint Eucharius’ Abbey after the former Bishop of Trier.  In addition to the tomb of Saint Matthias the Apostle, you can also find the tomb of Saint Eucharius in the crypt.

Tomb of Saint Matthias

Tomb of Saint Matthias in Trier Germany

If you wish you can touch the apostles tomb.  In fact, for those who are religious I highly recommend you do.  It’s not often you visit a tomb of someone who personally knew Jesus himself.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows

As you explore the Abbey pay attention to the detailed stained glass windows.  I’m the first to admit they don’t reflect colorful sunlight inside the church.  However, they are incredibly colorful and display scenes from the bible.


Church Organ

The organ is made by famous German company Karl Schuke.  This Berlin based company has created organs for important religious buildings all over Germany as well as Europe.

Saint Matthias Abbey Ceiling

Ceiling Art in Saint Matthias Abbey

You’ve seen the tomb and the life size statue as well as other religious decorations. but don’t forget to look up.  As a result of looking up, you’ll witness an incredibly detailed ceiling.  Not only does the main nave area feature intricate designs but also the smaller sections of the abbey too.

Attention to Detail in the Abbey

Inside Trier Abbey

As you explore the interior be sure to pay attention to detail.  Everything in the abbey has well thought out details.  Be it a peaceful area to pray or a tiny stained glass window.

Hanging Candles and In-scents in Trier Germany

Throughout the church are candles as well as in-scents hanging in ornaments from the roof.  As a matter of fact, some of these reminded me of ornaments from the Aladdin movie.

Ancient Inscriptions

Ancient Inscriptions in Saint Matthias Abbey

Those who are into religious tourism will be highly rewarded for visiting this Apostles tomb.  Inscription throughout the abbey will keep your attention for hours on end.

Enjoy your Visit to Saint Matthias Abbey

Saint Matthias Abbey - Trier Germany

Remember, this is a place of huge religious importance therefore respect both the place itself as well as other visitors.  Some may have traveled around the world as a pilgrimage.  Finally, as I mentioned above, appreciate the attention to detail and unique artwork on display throughout the abbey.  Not to mention the tomb of the apostle itself.

Visit St. Paulinus Basilica

St. Paulinus Basilica

St. Paulinus Basilica is another religious monument you must visit in Trier.  The art work on display throughout the basilica is as impressive as I’ve seen anywhere in the world.  In fact, I was there alone and it was almost the equivalent of having the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to yourself.  However, what’s more impressive here is the huge golden gate.  Here is the exact location of St. Paulinus Basilica.

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