Dating back to the 17th century, Santa Fe holds an important part of US history.  Not only is Santa Fe the capital of New Mexico but it’s also the oldest capital city in the US.  However, history of this location dates way before the arrival of Europeans and there are plenty of places to learn about the Native Americans in this area.  Santa Fe is one of the few UNESCO creative cities in the world therefore you’ll find lots of art galleries and hence, Instagram spots.  Talking of Instagram spots, all the adobe buildings seem to create an endless supply of perfect photo spots!

Saint Francis Cathedral

Saint Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe Landmarks

One of the most eye-catching Santa Fe landmarks is the Romanesque Revival style Saint Francis Cathedral.  Not only is this cathedral in a prominent position but there’s also a road leading up to it.  This is perfect for photographers as the subject is lined up perfectly to demand attention.  Who has seen the movie, Twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito?  You may recognise this church from the final scene of the movie.

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe Landmarks

Georgia O’Keefe created some of the most famous paintings in the USA.  In fact, she’s one of Americas most famous female painters.  She lived until 98 years old and her final years were in Santa Fe.  For this reason, you can see some of her works on display in the Georgia O’Keefe museum.  On display in an adobe building of course.

Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe Plaza is the historic center of the city and one of the best places in the US to see Spanish American colonial architecture.  As you explore this part of town, no doubt you’ll find many top Santa Fe Instagram spots.  What’s more, if there’s an major event or festival going on in town, it’s likely to be centered around here.

New Mexico Museum of Art

New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe landmarks

The New Mexico Museum of Art is located in a beautifully kept adobe building.  It’s the oldest museum in New Mexico and it’s home to over 20,000 pieces of art.  As a result, those who like to process every piece of information could spend all day here!  Lastly, photographers will love the unique Santa Fe architecture of this building.

New Mexico State Capitol

Santa Fe Landmarks, New Mexico State Capitol

I mentioned earlier, Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico.  For this reason, it’s home to the New Mexico State Capitol building.  Known as the Roundhouse, this is the only round capitol building in the US.  You can take a tour inside and explore the interior.  An interesting fact about this capitol building is that it’s one of the newest in the US.  In contrast, Santa Fe is also home to the countries oldest, the Palace of the Governors.

Palace of the Governors

Santa Fe Landmarks, Palace of the Governors

The Palace of the Governors is the oldest continuously occupied public building in the US, built in 1610.  As I mentioned above, it’s the oldest capitol building in the US as well.  Additionally, it was also the capitol building for the Spanish and then the Mexicans before it became a part of the USA.  As a result, it’s housed the governments of three different nations.  Today, the Palace of the Governors is a museum which explains its own history.

Santa Fe Botanical Garden

Santa Fe Botanical Garden

If you need to escape the town then there’s no better place than the well preserved Santa Fe Botanical Gardens.  Here, you can relax and appreciate the well maintained gardens as well as see any birdlife in the area.  In addition, there’s also an amphitheater which holds events from time to time.

Santa Fe Railyard Arts District

Santa Fe Railyard Arts District, Santa Fe landmarks

The Santa Fe Railyard is an art district.  As a matter of fact, it’s one of the reasons Santa Fe is a UNESCO creative city.  At the Santa Fe Railyard you’ll find lot’s of contemporary art galleries.  This 25 acre site is also home to restaurants, the Santa Fe train depot as well as many events and lots of visitors.  A must for contemporary art lovers.

Worrell Gallery

Santa Fe Landmarks, Worrell Gallery

Santa Fe is an incredibly inspiring city therefore artists are attracted here.  The Worrell Gallery is home to both emerging as well as established artists.  Take a look inside to see what they’re currently creating.  As a wildlife lover, I was very impressed with the bird and wildlife paintings.  This artwork is to be appreciated.

Museum of Indian Arts & Culture

Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, Santa Fe Landmarks

Long before the Spanish colonialists arrived, this land was already home to Native Americans.  At the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture you can learn all about the area from pre-history.  The history is explained to you through contemporary art.  Lastly, this museum has been voted one of the top things to do in Santa Fe, so seriously consider visiting.

Santa Fe Opera

Santa Fe Opera

Visiting the opera in Santa Fe is probably one of the last things you imagined.  In contrast, Santa Fe is home to a unique adobe opera house.  To complement this are regular fine performances.  If you’re interested in these performances or simply want to see this stunning structure then do consider it in your Santa Fe itinerary.

Enjoy Your Visit to the Santa Fe Landmarks

I’ve introduced you to several Santa Fe landmarks and top Instagram spots.  However, the best way for you to explore Santa Fe is to walk the streets yourself.  Maybe it’s a beautifully decorated shop, or an immaculate adobe building, there’s so much to discover in Santa Fe.  What’s more, being there at golden hour really makes these adobe buildings glow.

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