Hiking in Florida is beautiful due to the state’s unique biological environment.  Hikers of any level of experience may look forward to seeing wildlife and the abundant vegetation on their hikes.  You may frequently travel to Florida for its sandy shores and amusement parks.

But this time, you may pull on the hiking boots and experience Florida differently, such as through hiking.  Don’t forget to pack adequate stuff, as Florida is extremely hot, and keep yourself hydrated, which is essential! If you’re thinking of scenic hikes for a splendid weekend in Florida, these are the top 4 hiking trails.

1. Oakland Nature Preserve

You will be head over heels with this small trail while exploring it every weekend.  Oakland is a little village with intriguing surprises, only 10 minutes from downtown Winter Garden, near the West Orange Trail.  Zebra, giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, and wild buffalo have all been seen during previous trekking excursions.

Unfortunately, the area was once a wildlife preserve, but it is now being commercialized.  In the Orlando region, it is still a wonderful place to go for a walk or a stroll.  Are you thinking of booking a cruise to reach Oakland? If yes, consider taking family cruises from Florida for an unforgettable experience!

2. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse – A Major Natural Area

Jupiter Lighthouse is a true Florida treasure.  Most people are ignorant of the reality that some adjacent hiking trails exist. Spectacular birdwatching and Florida mangroves can be found here.  Both the north and south banks of Beach Road have routes.

This walk will charm you if you like natural Florida.  Throughout the hiking track, you may also witness manatees and a wide variety of birds.  Plan to explore the lighthouse grounds and include an hour for local hiking.

3. Black Bear Wilderness Area

The stunning 7.1-mile circular trail at the 1,600 Black Bear Wilderness Region in Sanford, in northwest Seminole County, contains 14 well-built boardwalks along the way.  It is a challenging hiking route that winds through quite a challenging and uneven landscape.  Surely one of the best things to do on a summer day in Florida for adventure lovers.

Only more seasoned hikers are encouraged to travel every inch of the Black Bear Wilderness Reserve isolated trail.  Be sure to arrive equipped with sturdy hiking boots, loads of water and bug repellent for the exhausting journey.

4. Lake Kissimmee State Park

Although it has a different name, this park exists in Lake Wales. The stunning, oak-lined North Loop can cover just over six miles.  Take a map from the guard office, then walk to the trail marker to begin your hike.  Park your car in the covered area for parking.

Serene is the best method to depict this trail.  The song of little woodland birds fills the air as you are sheltered by enormous oak trees covered with Spanish moss.

Apart from these 4 hiking trails for your grand weekend in Florida, this sunshine state has many more magnificent hiking trails.  All these are worth exploring! So, pack your bags, get out, and discover the mesmerizing Florida.