The United States or the US is an incredible country.  It is huge and diverse and no two states are the same in terms of landscape or culture.  Your American experience will be very different depending on where you decide to go.

With so much choice, the question is, where to visit? Increasingly, many opt for tour operators that can put together a unique itinerary that takes them through the must see tourist places but also the hidden America that few outsiders see.

So, where to go to satisfy your wanderlust in the United States? Read on to find out.

United States Driving Holidays

One of the best ways to see a lot of the country is to drive across it.  There are plenty of fantastic driving routes that take you through national parks, coastal roads, and across mountain ranges.  It is also a great way to explore a specific state.

When you drive through the United States, especially in a remote location, you might not see another vehicle for several hours, something you’ve probably never experienced in the UK.  The surroundings are often beautiful and you’ll see sites you’ve probably never seen outside of a Hollywood film.

The road network is astonishing in the states.  To get a picture of how big it is, the country is the size of Europe and a lot of it is accessible by road.

As well as a standard car you can hire a motorhome.  Now that is what I call freedom.

Planning Where to Go

In many respects your holiday experience will be dictated to a large degree by the kind of activities you want to do:

Relaxing – Here, you’ll spend your time soaking up the sun and enjoying beaches and strolls.

Active – You’re not adverse to kayaking or cycling, and maybe a spot of surfing or hiking through rock country.

Adventurous – Horseback riding with Native Americans, hot air balloon rides over the desert, or mountain biking in canyon country.  If your heart rate isn’t driven up you’re not really up for it.

Other factors to consider: are you travelling solo, as a couple or with a family? You may want to go horseback riding but it may not be suited to your five and three year old.

Popular Activities in the States

You can do some great things in the states.  Here’s a snapshot:

Safari – Head to Wyoming and go on either a bear, wolf, or photography safari.  No matter which one you choose you’ll see some amazing creatures, and you can choose to go in the winter or summer.

Sailing – If you prefer to be on the water, head over to San Francisco Bay and board your vessel.  Tours take you around the bay and into the Pacific Ocean as you take in the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

Whale Watching – Stateside, there are plenty of places to see the magnificent creatures of the deep.  It is both amazing and relaxing, and indeed sobering when you see these big creatures up close.

America is an amazing country full of promise and wonder. Make sure you see it as soon as you can.